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Still Minecraft-ing…

When last I wrote, I was dreadfully obsessed with Minecraft and a brand-new mega city that I began to build. I regret to inform you that not a single thing has changed – oh wait, something’s changed. Instead of working on my city, I’ve been helping The Boyfriend with his. He’s trying to make an adventure-type map for the kids to play on, with working cannons, an entire testing facility and we’re impatiently awaiting the next update so that we can spawn mobs!

It’s totally annoying how obsessed we all are. Though straight up, this is the best money we’ve ever spent on a game. I’ve never experienced us all being this obsessed months after buying it. It’s the only game we own that gets played every single day and definitely the only one we all fight over playing…

Not too much else has really been going on around here. We’ve been working on getting some laundry done, but most of our lights in the basement are blown out and we won’t be able to get anymore until payday. That’s one thing about this house compared to the last one, is that we go through light bulbs like crazy here and there are so many places that need light bulbs… It sucks when no one wants to go down into the basement because it’s so dark though.

The kids have all been sick and it’s absolutely no fun at all. It started with Keirnan and he’s kind of passed it on to everyone else. Lots of coughing and sniffling and a few people with fevers. I woke up yesterday with an itching in my eye that has persisted for two days now, that’s surely the signal that I’m going to be getting this cold next, which I am absolutely not looking forward to. I just started feeling really healthy again…!

And speaking of healthy, somehow, I managed to lose 12 pounds and for the first time since I started gaining weight, I was ecstatic to see the scale drop to the 158 mark, which officially puts me back in the healthy range for my BMI. I even feel skinnier, though I’m not looking too much different. It’s exciting to finally be going somewhere with my weight than just staying stagnant. Still have about 15 more pounds or so to go before I’m at a weight that I’m really happy with, but I’ll probably have to actually work for that…

So now, I’ve taken a break from Minecraft, because it’s bothering my eye and I’m thinking about working more on my mega city documents… That, or maybe I’ll do something else entirely. We’ll see how I feel. How’s your weekend been going?


Happy Birthday Boyfriend (with Pictures)

Yet another year has gone by and it’s that time of year again when for a short period of time, The Boyfriend and I will the same age! It’s always an exciting time of the year for me, because I don’t feel like the oldest one in the relationship (even though I know that I always will be, I don’t feel it so much).

Generally, we don’t do much for anyone’s birthday around here. For his this year, it somehow managed to be quite a special day. We had tried to talk the kids into sleeping in or at least letting us sleep in, but that didn’t really go as planned. Although it was quite a bit easier than we had expected to wake up this morning. First order of business was to get some coffee in us and even though it was bitterly cold and snow was blowing all over the place, the birthday boy braved the weather and brought us home the first coffees of the day.

He let me play Minecraft for a bit – I’ve got two different files going right now. One is my “creative mode” one and I’ve got a freaking wicked train station, with a functioning train and it took tons of math for me to figure out how to make this world. First time in years that I’ve used division… The other is a “survival mode” one that I keep re-starting over and over again called ValerieVille. While I was playing Minecraft, he was playing Star Trek Online where he is now a Rear Admiral Lower Half – which just sounds so unlike him that it’s bordering on ironic.

Then, I made the world’s most awesome breakfast brunch ever. I had seen a picture on Pinterest a couple weeks back that inspired the meal today, which made me much more enthusiastic than I had expected. The first time ever that I’d seen something on Pinterest and then actually made it… So, without reading any instructions, I set out to make Bacon Bowls with some Scrambled Eggs and Buttered Toast.

All in all, it was a great brunch that filled us all right up and we all wanted more. Definitely adding Bacon Bowls to more of our meals – because seriously, who doesn’t love bacon and who doesn’t love bowls? They are both very awesome things! I mean, one of them holds things in a circular type fashion, a sort of dome for delicious foods to be gathered in – gathered! And then of course, the other one is bacon and really, I don’t need to explain that one to you… Do I?

After brunch, we switched electronics and he’s spent the majority of his birthday doing his most favorite thing in the world… Gaming.

The kids were in a picture-happy mood, and Miss Kaeidyn wants to show you all the great pictures she took, so check out the public Facebook album “Boyfriend’s Birthday 2013” to see more of our amazing day! She also made a video that’ll show you just what type of nerds I’m living with here… Although, there’s me in the background, blogging away – so, maybe I shouldn’t talk so much 😉

Now, the kids are quietly going off to bed, an hour later than they were supposed to for a school night and I’m finishing up this blog post before hopefully going for a nice hot bath. I’ve been spending the last few days working on a special little project (little being the biggest understatement of my year thus far), so I’ve been on the computer a lot more than my body likes – but it’s a project that I’m quite excited about.

I hope you enjoyed being invited in for The Boyfriend’s nerdy birthday party and be sure to like this post and leave any thoughts you may have below!

This post is intended for adults 18+


If I Could Have Anything for My Birthday…

I’m officially another year older – have been for about an hour now… I only know this, because everyone has been reminding me of it and constantly mentioning it. I would be just as happy forgetting altogether about my aging another year. I feel it, I don’t need to see it in a number. It was also the midnight release of the new Call of Duty game, which The Boyfriend had pre-ordered, so had been counting down to this day for weeks.

I hadn’t really considered that I wanted anything for my birthday until tonight. As an old kinky friend of mine messaged me a birthday greeting card, I suddenly flashed back to the days of munches and spankings. And it seriously floored me, my jaw instantly dropped, when the thought of a birthday spanking jumped into my mind. I have been fantasizing about spankings for so many days leading up to today, that I can’t believe it took a birthday e-greeting to put the thought of making a birthday wish for a spanking into my head!

For probably the last three days, I have been thinking non-stop about spankings. I’ve been reading a lot about spanking, The Boyfriend and I have been watching a lot of porn with spanking in it. And when I got that e-greeting, I just automatically jumped in to thinking about how I want my birthday spanking to go down. Ideally, to start out with, I wouldn’t have to ask for it.

I would love for him to sit down at the end of the bed and pull me down over his lap. I would love for him to be gentle with me at first, caressing my skin and gently tugging at my hair. The first few slaps would be just hard enough for me to feel them and he would be hard beneath me. He’d slap my ass a few times, and then he would rub his rough hands over my flesh and I would tremble beneath him.

He’d begin to work up to harder slaps, warming me up with his firm hands. He would stop every so often to rub my ass, or trace the length of my leg. He would reach his hand up into my hair and yank my head back, before laying down a succession of blows as I squirmed frantically beneath him. He would continue until my ass felt hot to the touch and was reddened quite nicely. Once my rear was to his liking, he’d slide his fingers into me and direct me to the floor. He’d instruct me to get into a position that would allow me to suck his cock while he smacked my ass.

He’d shove his cock deep into my mouth as he reached over to slap my flesh and I’d moan as best as I could. He’d reach his hand into my hair, grabbing as much of it as he could and he would pull me up to meet his lips before shoving me back down to his swollen member. Using my hair as a handle, he’d force me this way and that, until his cock was throbbing and pulsing. He’d pull me up until I was standing, turn me to face away from him and instruct me to bend over.

He’d slap my ass and remark about my glistening cunt and how naughty of a girl I am. He’d slide a finger across my wetness before diving in with his tongue to taste every sweet drop. He’d slap my pussy hard enough to make me flinch before swiftly penetrating me with his ample girth. I’d shriek as he pulled back and slammed into me again, before a hard hand landed on my bottom. As he thrust faster and faster, the slaps would fall harder and he would roughly grip at my flesh before raising his hand. My whole body would be twisting and turning and squirming.

He would pull out and cum all over the redness, instantly warming and cooling the burning, before nestling his face back between my legs and working me until I was cumming so hard it was dripping all over the floor. It would be divine ecstasy!! I would collapse onto him and he would gently caress my rear end and whisper all sorts of wonderful things to me – how much he loves me, how good I did, how proud of me he was, how much fun he had and I would be in total bliss.

That’s what I would have if I could have anything… But, since I can’t, I’ll just fantasize about it. At least I can demand an orgasm sans spanking…

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Another Day…

It is incredibly warm in my house…

So, I haven’t been posting much lately. The moisture around here has made where my joints are all out of whack and I’ve been mostly laying on the bed complaining about all my pain. I’m sure it’s getting incredibly annoying to hear and I’m hoping that as we start to warm up here over the next couple of weeks, I’ll stop feeling so much knee and back pain.

In other news…

Well, really, there’s not that much of any. It’s been a pretty boring week around here honestly. We’ve done a little bit of cleaning here or there, though it seems like no matter how hard we work or how much we sweat, we barely make any sort of dent on the mess. The Boyfriend’s hours at work are all over the place right now, so that’s being a difficult adjustment to say the least. Not so much for him as it is for me…

The kids are all doing really great. We got Kaeidyn’s report card the other day and she’s mostly getting a B average, so I’m happy with that. She’s asked to start being allowed to walk home after school by herself, so that’s been interesting to say the least. I get to 3:30 before I start panicking about where she’s at. Then 5 – 10 minutes later she walks in the door and I feel so relieved. She’s been doing really great lately, especially with her attitude, which I’m finding that I have to correct less and less.

The boys are all just about the same. We’re trying to lessen the amount they’re on the games again, because it was getting a little out of control. When they were waking up in the morning talking about the dreams of Halo they had, or when every time they weren’t on a game they were playing video game-based games, like pretending they were characters in Halo. The topper of the cake was watching a video about video game addiction and this guy went and said, “I’ve fought in wars, I’ve raced cars at top speeds”, and I was like, “I can’t let that be my kid!!” It’s being a struggle to say the least.

It’s hard when they’re always asking for it and it gets really exhausting to just continue to say No over and over again. The Boyfriend hasn’t even been playing games all that much because he has such a hard time saying no to them when he’s playing, so to avoid it all together, he just rarely plays. It’s different and we’ll see how long it lasts this time.

Carter is starting to talk like crazy, which is exciting and frustrating all at the same time. My favorite thing that he says right now is, “3, 4, 5”. He refuses to acknowledge that there is a 1 and a 2, but 3, 4, 5 he’s got down pat. Now if only he’d start saying car instead of vroom vroom all the time. I’m glad that he’s learning at the rate that he is though, because it’s making it easier to figure out what he’s trying to say.

Other than that, there’s not too much new around here. Like I said, it’s been pretty boring around here, especially with all my sore laziness. How has your week been?

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All Work and All Play

I feel kind of bad… I’ve completely neglected my computer for two whole days. I haven’t checked my Twitter or my Facebook, I’ve done absolutely no work on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous and I haven’t even played any computer games!!

The other day, The Boyfriend asked if we could get him StarCraft. Well, I went out to get the kids stuff for school, and got him StarCraft at the same time. So I came home with stuff for him and even stuff for kids, plus a ton of groceries of foods I know they all enjoy. Nothing really for myself.

The next day, The Boyfriend comes home from work with two movies. Both of these movies I don’t really care to see, I’ll probably enjoy watching them, but wouldn’t go out of my way to see them. So I was a little disappointed, but then…

He pulled The Sims 3 out of a bag. I’ve wanted this game for quite awhile and could just never really justify getting it. I tend to rarely play video games, preferring to be on my computer, so I just never got it. But now I do and I have to admit I’m a little bit hooked.

I spent almost 16 hours on the poor XBOX, playing the heck out of the game. Mostly learning to build houses. I think the house that I have right now absolutely rocks! I’m letting The Boyfriend play now, and it’s the first chance he’s had since he got me the game.

Somehow, even though I’ve been playing all day, we ended up getting a TON of cleaning done today. I had mentioned it last night, and normally that means that we probably won’t do it the next day. But I was insistent. We cleaned under the furniture in the living room, finally cleaned under the desk and The Boyfriend has even got a good bit of laundry done.

The kitchen was a group effort, so I did the dishes while he swept the floor and then we had cinnamon pancakes for dinner, which is always fun. The kids love getting “snow” (icing sugar) on their pancakes and I love that I’ve finally figured out the perfect amount of syrup, so that they can still taste it, but not so much that they get completely sticky!

Kaeidyn and Kenzie are both officially in school and so far that’s being interesting. We’ve created a special spot just for their school papers, and I’m hoping that this year, we can actually keep that up. Last year we had created a space, and then everything else just kind of got piled on top of it. This year, I hope it’s different!

In other news, my boss at work is quitting and I’m a little sad and peeved about it. Her and I have finally gotten a pretty decent flow in the office and it’ll suck to have her leave when I feel like we work so well together. She’s been a great trainer, even though it’s harder for her to focus, but it’s been a great learning experience.

I’m peeved because I figured if she was quitting, likelihood would be that they would either bring in someone else from the office to do her job, or they would ask me if I would do it, being that she’s spent the last four and a half months teaching me her job. But instead, they hired somebody else and my boss is spending the next couple of weeks training her to take over her job.

We also had our receptionist quit awhile back and have recently hired a new receptionist. Since no one’s ever been trained on being the receptionist, we’re all trying to help out everywhere, and I personally feel like a lot of it falls on my shoulders. I kind of hate it that I have all these responsibilities outside of what my actual job responsibilities are, but I don’t get to have any title other than “The Assistant”…

Well, that’s what’s new today…