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There’s Nothing That Turns Me On More… Than a Man Messaging His Guild!


I don’t know what it is lately, but I have been getting laid a heck of a lot more recently. It seems like we’re back up to our average of about 3 times a week. Needless to say, I’m quite a happy girl.

Often times, we’ll even have sex two nights in a row, which has been rare ever since we had Carter. I’m not sure what the change is or what happened that he’s turning into a little horn dog, and I’m trying my best not to think too hard about it, because then I’ll start hypothesizing and that just always turns out bad, because my mind goes to the worst. I’m just sitting back and enjoying the ride!

Last night was definitely one of my most favorite nights. We both went on our computers and I checked FetLife as part of my usual checking-stuff-on-the-internet-when-it-first-opens (Facebook, Twitter, FetLife, Email…). Well FetLife just happened to be running a live stream of the MorpheusBondageExtravaganza. So I hunkered down and decided to enjoy, and boy did I ever! Seriously, some of the hottest stuff I’ve ever seen on the internet!!

The 2 hours or so that I watched was all really intense rope bondage and rigging scenes. When we shut it off (which is a bit of shame, but totally worth it…), they were getting into some needle play stuff. My favorite part was the music a long with the scenes, because it blended really well and I heard some tunes that I definitely want to check out now. Next to that, it was watching the sensuality of the play and artistic-ness of it all. It just looked so beautiful.

So when The Boyfriend got off his computer to give me a neck massage (which I was begging for after a few hours of cleaning last night), he asked if we could watch one of the porns that I’ve had for years, but have never really watched. I didn’t like it because there is a part where this girl asks this guy to oink for her, but it’s in such a badly done way that you just can’t find it very sexy. Last night, it hardly got watched at all.

We were both ready and raring to go by the time the movie started, add in the moaning of other people on top of my moaning, and it’s a surprise that the sex lasted almost 2 hours!! But that’s because my beautiful boyfriend has gotten into foreplay 😉

Again, I have no idea what has caused this at all, but it used to be where sex was 15 minutes to half an hour tops. It would be me spending a few minutes getting him nice and hard by caressing him and rubbing his cock and then it would be straight down to business, with the main mission being orgasm. Now, it’s a total 180. We spend the first half an hour on nothing but foreplay and I’m usually the one reaping the rewards there, and he barely gets touched. And then it’s very long, drawn out sex after that.

He’s really gotten into the idea of having smokes in compromising positions lately and we both have a lot of fun with the tease of it all. I don’t know how many times we’ll be in the full swing of sex and then he’ll pull back and say, “Smoke time” and will reach over while still inside of me to grab the smokes. Through the whole smoke we’ll gently and playfully rock against each other, most of the time, him gently caressing his favorite parts of my body, like my legs, boobs or neck.

The worship of my body in general lately has been beyond sublime. He kisses everywhere and grabs firmly at my breasts. He slides his hand up my chest and wraps his fingers around my neck. He grabs my hair and kisses my neck, my cheek, my lips as his other hand gently moves down my thigh.

The talking is the other thing that I’m loving! He talks so much now. Last night, he tells me before we even start, “I want you to cum multiple times tonight!”, and while that may not sound that hot when it’s written down, when you’re in the moment, the hottest thing ever. It didn’t take me long to cum the first time. But even during sex, it’s a constant stream of sexy talking. He seems to like to instruct me on how he would like me to talk to him, the things that he would like to hear. One of my favorites is when he tells me to beg for his cock and when I get to say to him that he can do anything he wants to me.

I’ve been getting quite a bit of oral sex lately and last night was no exception. The first time he went down there, it took almost no time at all for me to cum. And he lapped it all up and I was in total ecstacy. But it gets better when he fucks me right after I’ve cum. My entire body feels really intense and tingly all over. He sat back and while he pumped in and out of me, he played rather frantically with my clit. I was so sure I was going to cum, but I think it was all just a little too intense for me. Smoke break!

Then, he decided to help the second cumming along with more oral sex. I’ve never had oral sex after already cumming once. Super intense! He kept sucking on my clit and seriously something about that just feels really good, especially if little moans escape his lips. He jutted his chin out and let me grind his face, which was another incredible feeling. It took quite awhile, but I erupted into another extremely intense orgasm that seemed to last forever.

Again there was more fucking and then he asked if I would rather him cum all over my chest or in my mouth. I chose mouth. It wasn’t much longer until he was unloading in my mouth, so much that I couldn’t even conceive the idea of swallowing. For the first time ever, I let all his hot cum drip back out onto his cock and it was surprisingly hot, though I couldn’t help but feel like it was a waste…

Amazing sex with an amazing man! Now, if only I could get him to spank me!!

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The Second Coming


Does anyone else feel a wave of melancholy rush over them after insanely good sex? I do…

Last night was one of those nights that will go down in mine and The Boyfriend’s Best Sex History Book. One of those times that will be forever remembered and etched in our minds. A night that every other night will be compared to.

We normally have really amazing sex, but last night was so beyond amazing, so beyond the norm. It was a body-shaking, mind-boggling, heart-racing and incredibly romantic experience. I still can’t get the image of it all out of my head.

For the first time, in what feels like months and months, The Boyfriend was actually wanting sex. It wasn’t like what’s been happening most of the time lately, where I get so desperate for an orgasm, that I bug him for a few days and then after initiating, finally get some. He had gone to the store and when he got back, he sat down and asked, “Do you know where one of your black things are?” – This of course meant my slinky black slip. Unfortunately, that one is over at my Mom’s house, but I did have a silky black nightie thing and while it’s not the most flattering, it’s short and shows of my boobs. He had no complaints!

I wanted a neck massage really bad last night, and I’m really lucky to have a boyfriend who gives them to me very regularly and super easily. All I have to do is ask and I’ve never heard no. I’ve been desperately wanting to watch 9 1/2 Weeks with Mickey Rourke and Kim Bassinger, because I read a review that said it was good recently and while I had bought it a couple years ago, I never really hunkered down and watched it. We put it on once, but our intention was to play it in the background during sex. Last night, we actually watched it. Side note: The ending sucked for me!

I rubbed and caressed his legs and then we’d switch spots and he’d rub and caress mine. As the movie ended, I lowered my lips to his legs and begin kissing and licking my way up from his knees. He squirmed quite uncontrollably as I flicked my tongue behind his knee and bit gently on his inner thigh. He shorts became tighter and tighter and soon I was licking his hardness through his shorts.

I’ve always had a thing for pre-cum. It’s seriously one of those things that just automatically drives me wild with desire. It’s gotten to the point where the second I see it, I’m automatically soaking wet. Last night was the absolute best. He’s wearing these swimming shorts and as I’m licking through them, they begin getting wet in the perfect shape of his cock. I pull back and grab him as pre-cum inches out, and you can see it through his shorts as it bubbles above the fabric. So hot! It was no time before we were rushing downstairs to have sex.

We tried out a new position last night, really just a variation on our favorite position, man-on-top missionary. Normally, both my legs are up and either around his waist with my feet on his ass or up near my head, my feet near his shoulders. Last night, he lifted one leg while the other leg stayed flat on the bed. Then he straddled the flat leg. The penetration felt incredible. I was surprised at how deep he felt.

We were both frantic, grabbing wildly at each other’s bodies and his rhythm was impeccable. And man oh man, the talking! It was a constant stream of words and I can’t tell you how much I love to hear him talk during sex. Especially if he’s responding to the things I’m saying. As I’m moaning all my sweet nothings, he was moaning sweet nothings back and it’s enough to make a girl so wet!

He pulled out and I was sure he came, though he didn’t say anything. It looked and felt like it, but then he went back to hard fucking with a very rigid cock and I was so unsure if that was actually him cumming. After a few moments, I told him to sit back a little so that I could play with my clit while he pounded me. He sat back and forcefully grabbed my boob as he watched the other one bounce against the vigorous fucking. My entire body felt every single touch and every single breath and for the first time ever during sex with The Boyfriend, an I love you escaped my lips. It was quickly returned and said a few more times and it seemed like he got rougher and more intense.

By this point, I was beyond desperate for an orgasm. One hand was steadily circling my clit and the other was everywhere on his body. I said something about us having batteries, we could use one of our vibrators, but he was determined not to go anywhere. He says, “Don’t tell me to stop!” and it all becomes harder and faster. Then he pulls out and cums all over my stomach.

Nothing but oh my god’s after that. It was a first for both of us. The first time that he’s ever cum twice in one sex session and the first time that I’ve ever had a boyfriend cum twice in one sex session. We were both in total blissful ecstasy. It was probably the hottest sex we’ve ever had and if not the hottest, it sure as hell ranks up there pretty high.

He gets up to clean himself off and comes back to the bed where I’m still rubbing my clit. He grabs my inner thigh and ask him to kiss me. Every single muscle in my body was so tense and I was trembling in the most extreme desperation. It wasn’t long before I was having the most intense orgasm, working my ass off to contain any noises and trying to be so quiet. My body went from relaxed and enjoying the orgasm to completely tensed up, my knees up near my chest and my face buried in his neck. It seemed to go on forever and by the time I removed my fingers from my clit, my entire body felt like it was tingling and the most gentle of touches felt like they were rough and vigorous. He just held me through the whole thing.

The only bad part of the night was that somewhere along the line, he had made me bleed. There was blood all over the bed, my hands, our legs and his cock. I know that all that stuff is completely natural, but it always just makes me worry that he’s going to be so grossed out by it. And therefore completely turned off by it. If it wasn’t for my desperation to orgasm, I probably would’ve stopped the second I saw or heard about the blood because I let that worry cloud my pleasure. Last night, I did my best to ignore it.

After I was all cleaned up, I came back to bed and we laid there for another half hour or so talking about the great sex we had just had. Those moments always make me feel really good. We’re able to talk about the stuff that we really liked and the stuff that we would’ve changed. Last night was especially great being that we were talking about his first multiple orgasm and for the first time he got to experience what I experience, where every orgasm is different. He’s always saying that it feels essentially the same every time for him, but last night he says the first time felt like it was all about the build up and the second time felt like it was all about the release.

He comforted me about the bleeding and told me that it really doesn’t bother him. He wouldn’t say it turns him on, but it’s not a turn off. He said he loved when I told him I loved him and thought that was one of the hottest parts of the entire night, which was good because I thought for sure that he was going to say it was awkward or something. He told me how good I did at staying quiet and he pulled me in close for a really amazing cuddle. Best ending to sex ever!

For some reason though, after those really amazing sexual experiences, I feel an overwhelming sadness that seems to last into the next day. It’s not even a sadness that I can come close to explaining and there is no cause to it. I feel clingy and needy and like I need approval. I feel this incredibly intense vulnerability and frankly, it sucks. I fall asleep with this smile on my face, but I feel so melancholy. It’s very odd, but in a way, I really love the feeling. I wish I knew what it was that made it happen though and if other people have that too.

I will remember last night forever. What an incredible experience!