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He Should Be Sick More Often…

Even though I’m still getting over this stupid cold and even though The Boyfriend is in the worst part of the thick of it, our sex life has been out of this world. I think I’ve gotten more sex over the course of the last week than I have in years with him. And I could not tell you who provoked it a single time, I can only tell you that it happened and that it’s been absolutely amazing!!

From the nights we’ve recorded ourselves on cam, to the nights we’ve watched porn, to the mornings that he has woken with a raging hard on, there has been all sorts and a lot of sex going down. I’ve gotten oral sex a couple of times, I’ve gotten midday fingerings and I haven’t had to work very hard to get any of it.

Some extremely memorable moments:

  • The Candy Kisser

    After The Boyfriend had picked up gummy candies for himself, and after we had already been teasing each other for hours, I placed his favorite candies on each of my nipples, down my stomach and mound and placed the final candy on my clit. He sensually plucked the candies off my nipples before slowly moving down to my stomach and carefully licking the final candy off my clit. But he didn’t stop there…
  • A New Angle

    On our second night recording ourselves with the cam and on my second night in a row of being on top (which there have been a total of three in a row so far…), instead of recording ourselves in the usual position, we switched things up a bit. Our bed is currently in the living room (because I like it that way!) and the computer is at the wall opposite the foot-end of our bed. Usually, the camera angle is looking at us from behind our head (aka Our Asses). I decided I wanted to see what it looked like the other way…DEFINITELY BETTER!

    We haven’t tried with The Boyfriend on top yet, though I’m sure we’re only days away. The best part is being able to see all of my boobs, which we hadn’t been able to yet in any of our other videos and the fact that we figured out this really raw lighting that hides all of my “imperfections”. I’m currently working on editing the video to the point that The Boyfriend will at least let me put some of it online. I really just want to get the audio all by itself and take a listen sans imagery.

  • Daytime Proclivities

    It’s been mega years since The Boyfriend and I had any type of regular sexual interaction during the day. It hasn’t been since the days of him working graveyards and him living in his own house with roommates and long before I ever got pregnant. For the past few days, it’s almost become typical. If I’m not being woken up for it in the morning (has happened twice now), I get a chance at it sometime in the afternoon/early evening hours. And while it may not always be sex, someone always gets to orgasm.This morning, I woke up in a less than inspiring mood, but he had already been dealing with his morning wood for awhile. I didn’t take him seriously when he first mentioned going upstairs for a quickie, but when he asked again, I couldn’t possibly resist. I immediately took my position, trying hard not to catch a glimpse at my morning self in the mirror, as he hurriedly scrambled to get himself naked. It was quick and wonderful and his hands on my body in the morning have kept me in quite good spirits all day.

    And then there’s been the multiple days of midday fingering sessions that have left me feeling absolutely divine. First day, he had quite the intense headache. And while the whole thing originally started because I was stroking him, I stayed wet while he went limp. It didn’t take long before I was quietly cumming beneath his skilled hands. Or yesterday as we laid watching a movie and his hands just sort of ended up there and stayed there until again I was cumming hard and quietly. It’s been wonderful!

I really don’t know how long this will last but I am taking full-advantage of it while it’s here. Hopefully it’s a more permanent change, because I’m seriously enjoying the shit out of it. Though I’m noticing, the more I’m getting it, the more I’m wanting it. For now it’s a good thing, but when the activities decline, it’s really going to suck…

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The Last Post Continued…

Read the last post first…

As we’re both laying back watching ourselves play on the 42″, I say to him, “How would you like to watch yourself get head and get it at the same time?”. It didn’t take long before he was jumping up ready to watch and receive. Then, I laid down and lifted my heeled foot, “Work your way from heel to lips to mouth” and he enthusiastically began kissing my heels and rubbing the fabric of them against his face. He slid his hand in between the heel and my arch and gripped my foot as he kissed the area near the strap on my ankle. Gently lowering my leg to the bed, he slowly worked his way up my calf and behind my knee and sunk his teeth into my inner thighs.

He began licking playfully up to my clit, and as he began, on the screen behind him I was watching him eat me out. I grabbed his hands and pulled him up to me. I was ready for more. He lifted my legs, in our usual missionary fashion, and entered me slowly as I pushed the bows on the heels into his ass, pulling him closer and closer. My hands frantically searched his body, for what I have no idea. But my hands ran everywhere they could reach. His hands were in my hair, on my legs, around my throat. And his cock was forcefully spreading my pussy open and rubbing against my clit all at the same time. My breathing was as frantic as my hands were and as his hand worked their way up around my throat once again, he asked, “Are you going to cum on my cock, dirty whore!”.

The first time ever, after 4 years of begging for it, I finally got called a dirty whore. If I thought I was frantic before, at those two little words my body literally convulsed. Just hearing it, for the first time, from him sent me absolutely wild with rage. My hands were no longer on him, but around me on the bed as I tried to bring myself down a little bit. I needed to be able to focus on the sex and in that moment all I could think was, “Did he really just call me a dirty whore?!?!?”. I was in ecstasy, but still not cumming. I asked if I could roll over while he fucked me from behind and he responded, “Only if you’re going to be a good girl and cum on my cock” to which I promised that I would try.

I flipped over and he was immediately back inside of me and the way he felt was out of this world good. I reached up behind me and grabbed at his hips and lifted mine to give him more room. He gathered my hair in his hands and pulled my head back hard, as his other hand grabbed my hips to slam them back into him. I lifted both my feet of the bed and he pushed my head into my pillow and grabbed my heels to pull up around his ass and over the back of his thighs. He let me grind him like that, before using my heels to thrust himself deeper and deeper into me, until I felt like I could feel him all over my body. He called me a dirty whore again and I was sure my skin would burn him if he touched me.

He was sweating profusely by this point and the house was so incredibly hot, I thought after the hour of being in charge (for the most part) of the thrusting that he might want a break. Ever the considerate girlfriend, I offered to climb on top and he was more than pleased that I had offered. He laid down and plumped the pillows around him, while I tried to get on top of him without poking him with a heel. It took a few seconds to get everything in place, as I was incredibly wet by this point, so things just slipped and slid around.

The goal and mission was purely for me to cum. I sat deep on his cock and reached my hands between my legs to begin playing with my clit. At first, I stayed leaning forward so he could continue some of his rocking, before sinking until he could no longer rock. I sat up and flicked my nipple with my tongue as I circled myself on his cock and my fingers. I could tell he was going soft, and not because of lack of interest but because of pure exhaustion, so I concentrated extra hard on my orgasm and within moments was cumming hard on him. I lifted off of him just a little bit, so that he could get his thrust on, and thrust he did. Hard and very fast, until moments later when he was cumming hard himself.

We both collapsed, covered in sweat and both wet between the legs. It was almost impossible for him to keep his eyes open by this point, and as soon as the video of us had been turned off, we both fell absolutely to sleep. There was nothing that could’ve woken us from that slumber at all. Pure and blissful delight!!

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Harder + Faster = Stronger

I am absolutely surprised that my arm doesn’t hurt more today after the wicked time The Boyfriend and I had last night. I had asked when he first got home if there was a chance I could get laid later on. His response was full of anticipation, as he quickly nodded, smiled and said, “I think we can do that!” and do that, we did.

We laid down and put on some porn. In the beginning scene of the video, the guy makes the girl call her Mom to tell her what he’s about to do to her and periodically throughout their session, he makes her call her Mom again. Even though we both agreed that calling Mom during that was a very big taboo (and one we weren’t about to even fantasize about), we just turned down the volume and imagined her calling a consenting person. That was much hotter!!

It seemed like the foreplay dragged on forever, even though in reality, it probably didn’t last that long. And he was in a very rough and controlling mood last night, which was so incredibly sexy. As I began playing with his cock and balls, he grabbed my hair and asked for harder. I tightened my grip and continued my normal gentle rubbing. He whispered, “Be a good girl and do it harder and faster!”. Chills crept down my spine and I shivered in delight.

Fast and hard is exactly how I did it and his reaction was probably the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve gone hard and fast before, but never to this reaction. His whole body was on fire and he was breathing harder than he ever does. He told me to roll away from him, so he could play with my slit. And no, not my slit slit, but the hole in my pants – as I was wearing tie up hospital pants. He gently undid the tie and slowly pulled them down revealing my hip as I laid on my side.

I was already incredibly wet. Between the good girl and the instructions and the hard masturbating warm-up, I was ready and raring to go. After a few quick penetrations with his finger, he slowly slid himself inside of me and now I felt on fire. He would reach up and grab my boob as it bounced furiously against his thrusting and then he would grab onto my hip and pull me back harder onto him. I was in ecstacy.

I moved to the ottoman, kneeling down beside it, my head and arms resting on it. At first, it was doggy, my ass high in the air and his one leg kneeling and the other sort of resting on my ass. He would thrust hard into me and then I would gently grind onto him. It was very playful and totally hot. Slowly, we seemed to let gravity take hold of our asses and he was eventually kneeling, sitting with his bum on his heels and I was more sitting on top of him, using the ottoman for support. He leaned forward and whispered to me again, “Are you going to be a good girl and cum on my cock?”.

Something about the way he says good girl and cock, just really drive me wild in that moment. I nodded and before I could adjust to get my hands down there, he was already making plans for after I had cum. “When you’re done, you’re going to lay down and jerk me off.” and I nodded again and quickly got my hands down to my clit. I was already so close to orgasm that it only took a few seconds before I was cumming hard on his cock.

Once I was done and had officially gotten a hold of myself, he pulled me down to the bed beside him and I asked, “Same as last time?”. He nodded and lit himself a smoke. I rubbed my hand around my still wet pussy to get him nice and lubricated. I gripped his cock harder than I ever had before and began frantically stroking him. His entire body pulsed with every pump of my fist and he looked down and said “Harder”. I did and he said, “You can do better than that”, sending a wave of excitement through me. At this point, it was as if the first orgasm had never even happened.

I grabbed onto my wrist with the other hand, and worked his cock harder and faster than I ever have before. I felt the muscles in my upper arm flinch with every movement and my wrist almost stung with the amount of force behind my grip. I kissed his chest and snuggled my head intimately into his neck. We kissed deeply and roughly and his fingers were going nuts in my hair. The better it felt, the faster his fingers would rub against my head and then he exclaimed, “I’m cumming”. I continued to stroke him hard and fast, as he shot cum all over himself and my arms.

By this point, I was far past ready to go again. I knew that if I didn’t get off right then and there, that I would be up half the night, tossing and turning as my pussy pulsed me to sleep and I was not okay with that. At first, he rubbed my body and grabbed my boobs, but I had really tuckered him out and by now, it was already really late. He fell asleep with one hand on my inner thigh and the other on my breast, his leg just gently on my one leg. Normally, I would stop and give up on my orgasm, but I was raging with wetness and couldn’t imagine stopping, so I just ignored the fact that he was sleeping and continued to masturbate.

It took forever, but eventually I did cum again. He woke up once I was done to share a smoke with me and didn’t believe me that I had cum a second time. Once we laid down to go to sleep though, it took me just mere seconds to fall asleep and I didn’t wake up once during the night. It was a truly blissful sleep. And while I’m definitely sore today, I’m not noticing any aching in my arms or wrists, which I was really expecting.

Has anyone else been trying new things out in the bedroom? Got any great vanilla ideas to spice things up?

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My Favorite Links This Week

I’ve been working on so many things over these past few days online and I’m getting tons done. In the process, I’ve ran across quite a few really great links that I’d love to share with you. I’ve included a couple links to what I’ve been posting elsewhere as well. Enjoy!

Favorites from Facebook…

Favorites from Blogs I’ve Subscribed to…

What I’ve Posted…


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