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I’m Back and I’m Reading!

Well, I’m finally back online… It only took forever and a day!! And to think, if our internet provider had actually not sent my modem (which they weren’t supposed to), I’d still have at least 3 days left of the hell of no internet. This time wasn’t nearly as bad as other times have been, but that’s probably because I had just finished buying myself a whole whack of books.

And man oh man, did I ever hit the jackpot there. First, we went to Coles and I got The Last Nude and One Big Happy Family. The Last Nude, I finished in a day or two and was a little disappointed at the ending and One Big Happy Family I am still dissecting, because just a day or two later, we went to Value Village and I got tons more books!

So now, I’m a few chapters away from the end of Middlesex, which is an amazing story! It took me awhile to get into the book, but now that I’m as far as am I, I can’t seem to put it down. I also got the The Gendered Society Reader, which is proving to be a wonderful resource on gender and the male-dominated world in which we live and a huge Sir Arthur Conan Doyle book with 5 or 6 different stories including Sherlock Holmes – which has been on my list of things to read forever now!

I love how much I love to read. I love how much satisfaction I get from starting and finishing a book, especially if it’s a good read. And I love that I’m the type of book reader who never really sticks to one type of book. I like to go between the genres. Really, half the time when I’m picking a book, I pick on the cover alone. If the cover catches my eye, and the little quip about the book sounds decent and at least one sentence from a random page in the book is good, then I’ll most likely grab the book.

In other news, The Boyfriend and I recently bought all the kids’ Leapster Explorer’s for Kenzie’s birthday. We were originally just going to get Kenzie one, but figured it would cut down on a whole heck of a lot of fighting if we got all the kids one. Two days later, Kaeidyn’s screen got busted (not her fault) and after being played non-stop, there is only one that hasn’t had it’s batteries die yet. We did get a charger for them, just haven’t set it up yet.

I’m enjoying the quietness these devices have brought me. It’s no longer, twenty times a day, “Can I play a game?”, because they can now just grab their explorers and play. It definitely reduces a huge part of daily stress. It’s also good because they are really educational games. Keirnan gets a kick out of learning how to draw the letters on them, Kenzie is getting better at his math thanks to Cars 2 and it’s been all around really great. I’m enjoying them!

I was pretty disappointed today when getting the internet back up and running, to discover that the money that I transferred into my PayPal account so that I could upgrade Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous, couldn’t be used to upgrade the account because apparently Spruz likes to make things pretty difficult that way. I can’t just have a PayPal account hooked to my bank account, I have to add a credit card and guess who doesn’t have a credit card?!? I’m surprised I’m not more peeved about it right now, but I figure that I’ll figure something out sooner rather than later. Give me a day or two…

I’ve got a to-do list right now that will not stop growing, no matter how hard I try. I gotta find out about getting the kids into the dentist, especially Kaeidyn since she’s been having problems with one of her teeth. My house is still a complete disaster and I’m surprised that it’s not bringing me down more. We’ve been working on, but can’t seem to make any sort of real dent in it. Maybe because the mess makers are always here…

And don’t even get me started on all the things that I need to get done now that I’m back up and running online. I hate neglecting that stuff for so long, because it seems to take me so long to get back into my groove. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day than today has been so far and hopefully I’ll figure out this site upgrade thing…

Well, it’s good to be back folks!

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Another Day…

It is incredibly warm in my house…

So, I haven’t been posting much lately. The moisture around here has made where my joints are all out of whack and I’ve been mostly laying on the bed complaining about all my pain. I’m sure it’s getting incredibly annoying to hear and I’m hoping that as we start to warm up here over the next couple of weeks, I’ll stop feeling so much knee and back pain.

In other news…

Well, really, there’s not that much of any. It’s been a pretty boring week around here honestly. We’ve done a little bit of cleaning here or there, though it seems like no matter how hard we work or how much we sweat, we barely make any sort of dent on the mess. The Boyfriend’s hours at work are all over the place right now, so that’s being a difficult adjustment to say the least. Not so much for him as it is for me…

The kids are all doing really great. We got Kaeidyn’s report card the other day and she’s mostly getting a B average, so I’m happy with that. She’s asked to start being allowed to walk home after school by herself, so that’s been interesting to say the least. I get to 3:30 before I start panicking about where she’s at. Then 5 – 10 minutes later she walks in the door and I feel so relieved. She’s been doing really great lately, especially with her attitude, which I’m finding that I have to correct less and less.

The boys are all just about the same. We’re trying to lessen the amount they’re on the games again, because it was getting a little out of control. When they were waking up in the morning talking about the dreams of Halo they had, or when every time they weren’t on a game they were playing video game-based games, like pretending they were characters in Halo. The topper of the cake was watching a video about video game addiction and this guy went and said, “I’ve fought in wars, I’ve raced cars at top speeds”, and I was like, “I can’t let that be my kid!!” It’s being a struggle to say the least.

It’s hard when they’re always asking for it and it gets really exhausting to just continue to say No over and over again. The Boyfriend hasn’t even been playing games all that much because he has such a hard time saying no to them when he’s playing, so to avoid it all together, he just rarely plays. It’s different and we’ll see how long it lasts this time.

Carter is starting to talk like crazy, which is exciting and frustrating all at the same time. My favorite thing that he says right now is, “3, 4, 5”. He refuses to acknowledge that there is a 1 and a 2, but 3, 4, 5 he’s got down pat. Now if only he’d start saying car instead of vroom vroom all the time. I’m glad that he’s learning at the rate that he is though, because it’s making it easier to figure out what he’s trying to say.

Other than that, there’s not too much new around here. Like I said, it’s been pretty boring around here, especially with all my sore laziness. How has your week been?

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Mission Impossible: The Neverending Housecleaning Story

This is seriously so ridiculous, but I cannot get or keep this house clean no matter how hard I try. We spent almost two hours getting the kitchen back to presentable yesterday, and today – the only reason you can tell is because the floor has been swept, that’s it. Then we were planning on getting a bunch of other cleaning done today, and it’s almost 6:00 PM and we have not done a single thing…

It’s such a downer when you clean an area of the house just to see it thrashed again a few hours later, it makes you not want to clean anything. But then you don’t clean anything and your house ends up looking the way mine does right now. I’m always shocked at how upset it makes me feel and then when I think about it, it’s like “Duh!”.

In other news…

Kaeidyn had two birthday parties to go to this weekend. The first was at a salon for kids here in town and she got her hair all curled up, make-up done and nails done. She came home smelling so much like a girl! And then she had another party yesterday at the girl’s next door. She had a load of fun and came home with tons of stories to tell.

Carter has been getting into literally everything, another reason why it’s so hard to keep the house clean. He’s figured out how to open the fridge, and how to dump over the toy box and turn on the taps. He seems to almost never tire, and yet The Boyfriend and I are tired all the time.

The older boys have been incredibly obsessed with video games these days, which results in days filled with “I want to play a game!” and “Can I play a game now?”. Saying no as often as we are is sure getting repetitive and exhausting. It doesn’t help that The Boyfriend is home on holidays for a couple more days, so whenever he plays games, it’s all we hear about from the boys.

I’ve been spending most of my spare time working on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous-related stuff since The Boyfriend and I have agreed that we are most definitely upgrading the website in the next coming months, especially being that he has some larger checks coming his way from work since he worked so much overtime this past little while. Now if I could only start blogging more often – though lately I’ve been hating my writing…

Coming up this week is a stressful week at work, tons more of the neverending housecleaning story (and I’m hoping we’ll make some serious progress in the next two or three days!) and hopefully we’ll be calling a plumber to fix our toilet already – it’s been months now! Other than that, it should be a relatively quiet one, I hope! How’s your upcoming week looking?