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Apparently, I Have Strong Opinions About This…

So, I learnt something very new about myself today. I was checking my CollarMe, as usual, when I got a message about squirting. I proclaimed that I’ve never been able to squirt and the sender responded with:

“all woman can, it is a matter of you being relaxed and also the time of the month. “

And apparently, this statement really pissed me off. I responded:

“And you can’t say that ALL women can, that is a mass generalization about a very intricate and complex gender. Some women can’t – it has nothing to do with being relaxed or properly stimulated, though I do agree that those are big factors for the women who can.

It’s just not as simple as the caveman theory that, ‘You are woman! You can squirt!'”

His response to this was that women should start drinking and smoking weed, because it will lower your inhibitions. But again, I pointed out that this was a pretty mass generalization and couldn’t be taken seriously when applied to every woman. Not every woman CAN squirt. Sure, we’ve all got a g-spot and we all have the potential to be able to ejaculate, but just because one woman can does not mean that another woman will be able to and sometimes, that has nothing to do with your inhibitions. But his response to this, is the one that drives me over the edge…

This is officially the meanest I’ve ever been in a reply to somebody:

“This last message you sent me makes you sound like a misogynistic pig, to be quite honest. First of all, I’ve done TONS of research on female ejaculation and I’m a strong believer that SOME woman can learn to do this. I also know the facts because it is an interest of mine and I have always wanted to know how to squirt.

But just because you’ve made a couple girls squirt, does not mean you can make every girl squirt. And frankly, with your attitude, I wouldn’t let you near my g-spot. I’d be afraid you’d disrespect it with your “knowledge”!

Divorcing your wife over a thing such as squirting is immature and irrational! I honestly can’t believe you just said that. I mean, I believe that you absolutely did not mean it and there must’ve been a thousand other issues in your relationship – probably mostly that you were an asshole!

And if a woman is actually a Dominant woman, she would not suddenly become submissive to you just because you made her squirt. It don’t work like that when you’re a real Dominant woman…

I think maybe you should Google women and read the literature and figure out that you can’t just fit us all into your squirting box and expect us to start spouting out cum for you!”

I’m just saying – not all girls CAN do this! There’s nothing wrong with the ones who can’t. I’ll leave you with the words of Laci Green, my favorite Sexpert: