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Clean Living!

No one can guilt me into something as much as myself. It took a full day of laziness mixed with minor self-pity, but I finally got some cleaning done. I have been beating myself up over it for a couple days now. Last week sometime, we started cleaning and ended up getting nothing that we had originally set out to do done…

Sure, walls were washed, windows were cleaned, movies were cleaned up and the bookshelf was organized. But the couch wasn’t tidied, the floor was only briefly vacuumed and the TV and stand hadn’t seen a clean cloth. Clothes were still everywhere. Things had been done, but not done in a way that was even slightly satisfactory.

So today, after spending two hours procrastinating waking up, I got up off my butt and the kids and I started to clean. It was very slow going at first and almost nothing was getting done. I felt like I was working really hard and making no progress. I decided it was time to go to the store and get treats for any kids who helped me finish cleaning. It was good to take that mid-way walk and get some fresh air. Gave me a jolt of energy that was a little unexpected.

The walk to the store was the best! Normally when I take all four of the kids to the store, it’s hard to kind of tame them. They get away from me easily because I’m distracted by what I’m there to get. But I guess they really wanted their treats, so Keirnan and Carter went int the tandem stroller and Kaeidyn and Kenzie walked. They walked beside the stroller the entire time, and the only point which they even got talked to in a disciplinary manner is when they asked if they’re treat could be ice cream and I asked if they wanted the sundaes that we like so much, and they all ran over to the freezer and opened it up while I was at the other end of the store getting my pop. Luckily, I was in a good mood, so it hardly phased me.

I came back home and a crazy amount of cleaning got done. I’m only now, now that I’m in pain, noticing how much got done. It’s so clean that I have 9 candles lit right now and none of them are causing a potential fire hazard. It’s beautiful! Every time I get this house clean like this, it reminds me so much of when I very first moved into this house.

I didn’t have very much when we moved in here. We had been living in a hotel for a month and a little bit, so all we really had was clothes and some food. Then I eventually got a couch and my hope chest and a boombox. Then we added a TV and bookshelf and then… you get it. Eventually so much stuff got added. So much so that it’s impossible to keep the house clean. I realize that and it makes me think back to those simpler times, when my daily cleaning took five seconds because there wasn’t much to organize, and now I spend six and a half hours doing nothing but organizing before any actual cleaning can commence.

My mom says that she fears I’m going to turn into a hoarder. My problem isn’t that I have problems getting rid of things. My problem is that I’m too lazy to. Something I seriously gotta figure out a way to overcome. Because this is just getting ridiculous now, and I’m sure that my laziness is contributing a lot to my body pains. But this is not the point…

The point is that my living room is clean, my dishes are almost completely done and I had a good day! Now I plan to enjoy my delicious perogie and stewing meat dinner!


My Day Zero Project – To Do: Clean the Kitchen

Another one of those things that has been on my to do list for WAY too long. While I make small strides towards this goal every week, it never gets anywhere closer to getting done. I’d like to change that.

I would really love to pull all the appliances out and clean behind them. I want to scrub the walls behind the stove and scour the floor beneath the fridge. Then I want to clean inside the appliances. I see this being a total gong show!

My oven is going to be the worst. That thing is so disgusting, and I’ve never had the opportunity to clean it out in my 3+ years of living here. It desperately longs to have a good clean. I want that oven to shine as if my old oven were new.

I want to pull all of the dishes and crap out of all the drawers and cupboards and completely clean those up and out. All the junk and stuff we don’t use at all (like martini ice strainers?!?) can be given away or thrown out. I’d like to pare down to what we actually use and then start saving up to buy myself things that I really really want, like a stand up mixer or a waffle iron.

I’d like to get all of the dishes completely cleaned and done. While I do dishes almost every night, there are always some left over in the sink or one that we didn’t know about out in the living room or some other thing like that. I’d like to have every single dish in my house completely cleaned and preferably put away.

I’d love to scrub all the walls down and get the table and chairs so clean that they shine. I’d like to get all the worst stains off the kitchen floor and I’d love to get this black shelf thing that we have out there, either thrown out or cleaned up so that we can use it for something.

Then, I’d like to keep the kitchen cleaned and organized. Make it a welcoming place for me to cook our family meals in, instead of a hostile environment that I tend to avoid like the plague. I’d like to get it set up enough that if one day I felt like baking with the kids, we could without having to dedicate 2 or 3 hours to cleaning up beforehand…

Ah, to have a clean kitchen. That’ll be the day! You can check out my clean and organize the kitchen task here and see the rest of my Day Zero Project tasks here.