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Rockin’ Out Retro-Style

I am having a really freaking fantastic day. A few days ago, we went over to Mom’s house and she ended up making us stop at a garage sale on the way there. While there, we got me the coolest thing in the whole world. I’ve been looking for something similar for many years now and just have never found a good deal. Finally got me a record player!!

So now, I’m spending the night going through all my boxes of records and listening to all these vinyls. I have to say, this record player is just about the coolest thing I’ve seen. It sounds relatively good, comes with an 8-track deck and the record player is automatic – so I just place the record in there and it starts playing it. It’s beautiful. Makes me feel all cool and retro!

Then, we finally started getting some cleaning done. We had planned to do a bunch yesterday but it ended up being a rather lazy day. I’m still fighting this cold and even though we went and walked out in the freezing cold rain of the day, I came home with tons of energy and ready to clean. Lots of laundry getting done, lots of dishes and for dinner tonight: a huge batch of spaghetti. Should be delicious.

I also, after days of complaining about it, finally found my camera. So that’s plugged in and charging up now. I also recently got nail polish which I was more than happy about. Even made The Boyfriend let me paint his toenails (because I was just in that kind of mood). And it’s nice and quiet in the house because Kenzie’s at a birthday party tonight.

The weather outside may be frightful, but in here, everything is just alright. I love it!