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My Bucket List

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Want to learn how to create your own sexual bucket list? Check out my Intro to Sexual Bucket Lists post.

For me, the only things on my bucket list are sexual. I don’t really have many desires when it comes to non-materialistic things in everyday life. Wishlists, I have tons of. But places I want to go or things I want to do or whatever like that, I’ve done them. I don’t have desires to travel to foreign countries, or jump out of airplanes, or swim with creatures.

When it comes to sex though, I have many things that I haven’t experienced yet, that I really want to experience. And many more things that I want to learn. This bucket list will probably change with time, and when I complete something, I’ll mark it on here.

Some of the things on this list are things that I know will most likely never happen, for a variety of reasons. Others, I’m almost sure will happen eventually. If you’ve got a sexual bucket list, I’d love for you to share it in the comments on this page, and if you’ve got sexual bucket list ideas, please check out this post to leave them in the comments.

I’ve divided my bucket list into four sections. They include Sexual Acts, BDSM/Fetish Acts, Sexual Enhancement and BDSM/Fetish Enhancement. Scroll down or click on the links in the sentence above to see more. Hopefully my bucket list can give you a few ideas to add to your own sexual bucket list.

Sexual Acts

  • Fondle a woman’s breasts
  • Eat a girl out
  • Have girl-on-girl sex
  • Have a FMF threesome
  • Wear a strap-on and be on the giving end of anal sex
  • Videotape myself having sex [Sexy Dancing and Hopeful Conversations]
  • Videotape myself masturbating
  • Orgasm everyday for a month
  • Experience multiple orgasms [The Second Coming]
  • Get a successful pearl necklace
  • Have sex in front of a live audience
  • Go Skinny Dipping
  • Have my genitals admired!

BDSM/Fetish Acts

  • Receive an OTK spanking
  • Have marks from a cropping or flogging left over the next day
  • Incorporate BDSM into my life 24/7
  • Have my boobs spanked or cropped
  • Receive a caning
  • Experience electrostimulation play
  • Be “forced” to sleep in a cage
  • Be “forced” to wear a chastity belt
  • Make someone else wear a chastity belt
  • Wear or make someone else wear a collar
  • Have my feet worshipped
  • Have my entire body worshipped
  • Receive a paddling
  • Have a collaring ceremony
  • Be put in the corner
  • Be made to write lines or essays for bad behaviour
  • Have chores that must be completed or I get punished
  • Show off some sensual bellydancing

Sexual Enhancement

  • Wear Ben Wa Balls
  • Read the Kama Sutra
  • Read at least 10 erotic novels, not including the ones I’ve already read
  • Buy girlie lingerie to make me feel more feminine
  • Learn more about tantric sex
  • Attend Taboo
  • Blog once a week about sex

BDSM/Fetish Enhancement

  • Attend a munch every month
  • Go to Lupercalia
  • Attend a Play Party in Edmonton or Calgary, just to observe
  • Learn how to bellydance
  • Learn more about BDSM and anatomy
  • Learn how to do play piercings and needle play
  • Learn how to do rope bondage
  • Learn how to take better erotic photography
  • Read the Gor Novels
  • Connect and form friendships with other kinksters
  • Blog once a week about BDSM or fetishes

I’ve created an updated version of this list since a lot of what I think is realistic in terms of this list are no longer realistic – and it’s depressing thinking about all the things you’ll never get to do. So check out my 2012 Sexual Bucket List.

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