The Rantings of a Tortured Mind

Valerie Rayne Rants


Name: Valerie Rayne

Age: 25

Birthday: November 13

My Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5’7″

The Short Description:

I’m a curious, creative, kinky, musical, blog-a-holic, social media enthusiast, lifetime learner and mom of four.

Pictures of Me

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Valerie RayneThe Rantings of a Tortured Mind is a personal blog full of thoughts, feelings, experiences and more!

Discussion topics range from parenting and health, all the way to sexuality and fetishes, around and about to relationships and the internet.

And where it will end up… Well, I don’t even know that!


Some of the content on this blog is intended for an adult viewing audience.
Reader discretion is advised!

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