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Nipple Licking is Popular Here


Today I spent some time going through my blog stats. I don’t do this often enough, mainly because it’s almost always the same thing. I average the same amount of visitors every day, they often come from the same places, and more often than not it’s always the same search term (or variation of) that brings them here.

You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll probably continue to keep on saying it, that the search term that gets most people here has to do with sex bucket lists. How to make one, ideas for one, etc. So I don’t normally look through my stats that often. But recently, the searches that are bringing people here are less often dealing with sex bucket lists and more often dealing with nipple licking, thanks to my post Dual Nipple Licking.

In total, I have had:

  • 1,830 searches for “Nipple Licking”
  • 442, 125 and 95 searches for “nipple lick”, “lick nipple” and “nipple licking”, respectively
    and my personal favorite,
  • 56 searches for “how to lick nipples”

And it got me thinking… How do you lick nipples? Is there a specific way that you should be doing it? How can you broach experimenting with it, without making your partner uncomfortable? Why do we even like nipple licking? Needless to say, my thoughts have been filled with nipples! Has yours? Well, let’s talk a little about nipples then…

First, I’m going to direct you to my post 4 Things You May Not Have Known About the Nipples, which will tell you a few things about nipples that I definitely didn’t know before writing this post. The most intriguing fact by far though, is that nipples are an erogenous zone and can be sensitive enough to cause an unexpected orgasm  If that’s not reason enough to get your nipple knowledge on, then I don’t know what is…

Nipple licking is not for everyone. Some people really enjoy having their nipples played with or licked or even handled vigorously and some people absolutely detest having their nipples touched. I personally, am a huge lover of nipple play in general. I enjoy having my nipples rubbed and flicked and pinched, kissed and sucked on and I like to have that from the beginning of a sex session to the very end. I even enjoy it when it’s not sexual at all. However, The Boyfriend absolutely does not like his nipples being played with. He doesn’t like when I lick them, he squirms frantically if I squeeze them and he flinches away from me when I run my hand over them. So when it comes to nipple licking, you want to do it only if you’re partner enjoys it (or at least enjoys squirming away from it…).

The only way to know if your partner enjoys it is to outright ask. Watch their body the next time you’re playing with their nipples. If their face scrunches up and their lips curl and their cringing in pain, they might not enjoy it so much. Nipples are very sensitive because of the concentration of nerve tissue around the nipple and areola (the differently colored area surrounding the actual nipple itself) and sometimes that sensitivity translates to pleasure and other times it translates to absolute pain. This area is especially more sensitive in women during PMS, menstruation and pregnancy – so you’ll always want to be checking in with your partner about how their nipples feel during that exact stimulation, not just once or twice.

So, how do you lick a nipple? Well first I’ll say to you, you don’t just lick a nipple. Not unless you’re a dog and your partner has put some peanut butter there. It’s not an ice cream cone, you shouldn’t treat it as such. There are numerous ways in which you can lick a nipple and generally speaking, you’re going to want to use all of your mouth. Your lips, your tongue and maybe even your teeth. My general rule is to always start out simple and gentle until both parties involved feel comfortable progressing to complex and not-so-gentle. And that applies to all sexual activities, not just nipple licking. Here are a few of my personal favorite nipple licking techniques:

  1. The Nipple Flicker
    This move utilizes only the tip of your tongue and the tip of your partner’s nipple. Remember to start gently and work your way up to a rougher flick. Stick your tongue out and point it as much as you can. Then lightly flick the tip of your tongue against the tip of the nipple. If the nipple is hard, you will feel it move ever so slightly beneath your tongue. Vary your flicking speed and intensity, a couple slow soft flicks, a couple hard and fast flicks, maybe a couple slow hard flicks and soft fast ones.
    The Nipple Flicker can tend to be a little intense, even when done very gently. Constantly be visually checking in on your partner to see if it’s still enjoyable or if they’re starting to twist their face in pain.
  2. Circle the Nipple
    This move requires a bit of tongue control on your part and generally works best once the nipple is already a little hard. Using your lips to bring the nipple into your mouth will be the easy part. Once it’s there, you’re going to use your tongue to literally circle the nipple. Once you get the hang of circling the nipple with your tongue, you can do this move without using your whole mouth. Sometimes, half the enjoyment is watching the other person’s tongue caress your body. So don’t be afraid to let your tongue steal the spotlight and show off your circling skills.Circle the Nipple is a good move to use when your partner’s nipples are sensitive, because your tongue doesn’t need to be pointed, it doesn’t need to be rough and as long as you don’t look like a dog lapping at anything, you’ll be fine 😉
  3. The Suction Cup
    For me personally, I love to feel suction on my nipples. Some women though, will really despise it. Remember to check with your partner about how they feel about it before, during and after a nipple licking session. In this move, all you really need is your lips, but don’t hesitate to throw some tongue and a little teeth in there as well. Taking the whole nipple and areola into your mouth is step one, then you begin gently sucking the nipple into your mouth.With The Suction Cup, there are two ways you can suck on the nipple. The first suction application is more deep and generally more gentle, because you are covering a larger surface area. The second suction application is more on the tip of the nipple and generally feels more pricky (for lack of a better word…). In the first application, you will take the whole nipple and areola into the mouth and you will suck on the most amount of nipple you can take into your mouth continually. In the second application, you will start with the whole nipple in your mouth and slowly ease off until just the tip of the nipple is left in your mouth to suck on.
  4. The Nibbler
    Only when a person asks should you actually bite their nipple. The sensation caused by actually biting a nipple can sometimes turn a person off from ever having their nipples played with again. Tread carefully. In The Nibbler, you are just going to use your top 2 – 4 and your bottom 2 – 4 front teeth (depending on your teeth and the size of the nipple). Very incredibly gently and just on the nipple itself (not the surrounding areola), bring your teeth together to the point where you feel the nipple resting softly between your teeth.Only do this move a few times and then switch it up, because as I said, nipples are sensitive. Again, always be checking in on your partner.

Of course, these are not the only techniques that you can utilize when it comes to nipple licking and nipple play in general. You’ll want to experiment and find what’s most comfortable for you and your partner. So now that I’ve shared some nipple licking facts, techniques and precautions with you, I’d love to open up the comment section for you to:

  • Post your own nipple licking techniques
  • Ask questions about nipples and nipple licking
  • And share your own nipple licking experiences

Author: Valerie Rayne

Valerie Rayne is a wannabe kinkster, blog-a-holic and mom of six ranting about life, love and blogging. She is also the creator of WTMFI Wednesdays, a weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality.

2 thoughts on “Nipple Licking is Popular Here

  1. I’ve used all 4, but # 3 the suction cup is what I like to use most. (Suppressed memories?)

    • I do have to say that one is most enjoyable – but maybe that’s because I’ve had 4 babies and have my own version of suppressed memories. I feel like a good way to go about nipple licking is to start with softer, circling type motions, do some flicking and then suckle. It’s like warming up…

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