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The Best TV Shows on Netflix

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Right before Christmas, my Mom helped us out in getting Netflix. We haven’t had cable in quite a long time because we decided it wasn’t worth the cost with how little TV we were actually watching, but buying movies every couple of weeks was getting to be pretty pricey too. Netflix was a really great option for us and now we couldn’t be happier that we have it.

My most favorite thing about Netflix is the ability to watch TV shows. I’m trying not to be saddened every single time that they don’t have ER (totally vote they add it!!), but I’ve discovered a lot of really great TV shows that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to watch, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites lately.

TV Shows on Netflix That I Love!

Buy The Big C: Season 1The Big C

The first show we started watching on Netflix was The Big C. Laura Linney plays a cancer patient who turns down traditional treatment methods for her stage 4 cancer. Now I know what you’re thinking. This is going to be some girly sappy show. But I’m happy to tell you, that you are completely wrong!

I have not seen a show this good in what feels like way too long of a time. The last time that I saw season finale’s done this good was back in the old ER days. Yeah, there’s a good chance that if you watch this with a girl or a boy in touch with his emotions, someone’s going to cry at some point. But I was absolutely devastated when I ran out of episodes. For the most part, this show will make you laugh and gawk in shock and if you’re a sucker like me, cry like a baby!

Buy Mad Men: Season 1Mad Men

For years, I had heard about the wonder of this show. I had heard so so so so much about this show, but the whole time we had cable, I had never watched it. I caught one part of one episode and never caught it again. So when I noticed they had it on Netflix, I jumped right into watching it.

The first two seasons were decent, nothing that I would go on and on and rave about. But the last two seasons were beyond epic. I felt like I related so much with what was happening on the show between Don and Betty and I felt bad and mad at both of them for their behaviors. I would come home from work and turn it on and not turn it off until bedtime. I just couldn’t get enough of it and again, was heartbroken when I ran out of episodes.

The part that I loved about Mad Men the most though, is that there was an episode with the opening scene from Bye Bye Birdie in it. The kids decided that they really liked the song, and guess what? Netflix just happened to have Bye Bye Birdie for us to watch. Now we can’t get that song out of the kids heads!

Buy Huff: Season 1Huff

Okay, seriously, how cool is Hank Azaria?!? I never really thought much of him prior to Huff, but The Boyfriend was always obsessing about movies or shows with him or his voice in it. I’m most familiar with him from The Simpsons, though I never would’ve guessed he could be such an incredible actor! And Oliver Platt – I love him! And I seriously wonder if he does coke in real life, because this is the second roll in a matter of weeks that I have seen him snort coke (he’s Laura Linney’s husband on The Big C).

I also really enjoyed a lot of the camera work in this show, which is something that I’m noticing more and more of. The first season of this show is full of these awesome transitions that I just couldn’t get enough of. I also am a huge fan of the fact that there are a lot of lights shed on some major psychiatric issues and an awareness about treatment methods – though I’m sure that this wasn’t the point of the show, I picked up on it and enjoyed it quite a bit.

I, of course, have a huge selection of really great movies on Netflix, but that’s for another post. I will tell you that the best movie that they have on Netflix is definitely the Secretary, and I couldn’t be happier that that movie is on there! Now we’re getting to the point where we’ve watched all the ones we really wanted to watch and are now having to go through shows we don’t know much about like Californication with David Duchovny and I plan to dive into Dexter soon because I keep hearing from people who know my taste that I will really like that show. What other shows would you suggest? What are you currently watching?

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