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FetLife FAQ’s = Good Reads

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Don’t ask me why, but today, I decided to check out the frequently asked questions on FetLife. I’ve browsed these in the past, when I first joined FetLife and they hadn’t become the site they are today.

Back then, it was to find out about their community guidelines, and this time it was just for fun. By far, the best frequently asked questions I’ve ever read through. Not only do your questions get answered, but they make you laugh through the entire thing! Here’s some of my favorites from the Profiles FAQ’s:

Does FetLife allow multiple profiles?

There are some types of alternate profiles that we do not allow.  For example:

  • Sock Puppets –  alternate or secondary profiles that are created to go around blocks, bans, or maliciously attack other members of FetLife.  When reported and verified, we wash those socks right out of FetLife!
  • Impostors – someone posing as another real person.  As soon as the real person says “Not Cool!”, we delete the profile.

How do I delete my account/profile?

What you mean you want to delete your account? That blows llama ass… and I know… I’ve blown… things… like balloons and such. But I digress.

My location isn’t on your list, what do I do?

Currently, the list of locations only includes actual cities (don’t shoot the messenger). We realize this is annoying and we need to fix it.

I don’t want everyone to know where I live, what do I do?

If you really want to be off the radar you can always just specify your country as “Antarctica”… There are more kinksters than you would think living in Antarctica. And apparently the penguin population is getting very nervous… For the leather, you pervs, the leather!!!

Sadly, the other categories just aren’t as funny. I was all excited that they might be, but they get kind of tech-y after this and lose a little bit of their funniness. Don’t get me wrong though, there are a few quips added in there, such as when asking How do I make a thread sticky?, the response starts with “Well, John has his own special way to make sticky threads, but we won’t go into that here… “
Still, I give a solid 5 out of 5 on these FAQ’s. Questions answered, a couple laughs, and makes me love FetLife even more!!

I (heart) FetLife: BDSM & Fetish Community for Kinksters, by kinksters

Author: Valerie Rayne

Valerie Rayne is a wannabe kinkster, blog-a-holic and mom of six ranting about life, love and blogging. She is also the creator of WTMFI Wednesdays, a weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality.

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