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My Day Zero Project – Someday: Take a Belly Dancing Class

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I’ve always been a little obsessed with belly dance. It’s such a highly sensual form of dancing. I go through bursts with my obsession with belly dance. There was a while there, where all I was doing was watching belly dancing videos and researching it. I even started doing what I called Bathroom Belly Dance.

I’ve never been very fond of soberly dancing in front of anyone. I just worry that I don’t look as good as I feel. But I really do love to dance and always have. But ever since gaining the weight that I’ve gained and having all these darn kids, I never get a chance to really dance. The times that I do dance, it’s normally while holding all the kids’ hands and spinning them in circles while I just gently rock back and forth from foot to foot.

So around about January 2011, I decided I was losing 30 pounds and belly dance was going to be one of the ways that I was doing it. I created playlists of belly dancing videos on YouTube and had it all planned out. But I never considered to factor in that I didn’t want to “workout” in front of The Boyfriend and I definitely didn’t want to be practicing a sensual class in front of him and so the Bathroom Belly Dance was formed.

Every time I’d go pee, I’d stand in there for an extra couple of minutes and practice doing snake arms or a hip-drop or just shimmy for a couple seconds to see if I could get a good rhythm going. Not exactly a workout and not exactly really practicing or putting things together. Though I am pretty positive that I’ve got the hip-drop completely down!

What I really want to do though, is take a class. Have an instructor whose done some belly dancing telling me if I’m doing it right or wrong for absolutely sure. I’d like to see other women closer to my size, moving their bodies like that and having fun with it, instead of being all self-conscious and nervous. Then ideally, I’d like to perform in front of The Boyfriend.

I know when I do still do my Bathroom Belly Dance, which isn’t very often, I feel much better about the love handles that I have, because they don’t actually look that bad at all when I’m dancing around. And as long as I don’t look at the way my stretch marks look, belly rolls and hip-drops look damn sexy with the curve starting at my ribs down to the bottom of my hips.

One day though, I’d like to be able to dance like Sadie:

I mean, seriously! Look at that muscle control, look at the sex appeal, look at the shiny costume. What is not to love about belly dancing? Especially if you can do it as good as Sadie or even Rachel Brice – who does a different style of belly dancing, but still, it makes me want to do it!!!

But until someday rolls around, for now I’ll just stick to my Bathroom Belly Dance, and my hip-drops, belly rolls and shimmies… You can check out more Rachel Brice on YouTube and gives you tons of really great advice for beginners.

Author: Valerie Rayne

Valerie Rayne is a wannabe kinkster, blog-a-holic and mom of six ranting about life, love and blogging. She is also the creator of WTMFI Wednesdays, a weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality.

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