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I’ve hardly done anything at all these last couple of days, and I feel absolutely exhausted. The Boyfriend’s back at work, and that’s going good. The only part that sucks at all about it is that he has to wake up at 6 AM and leave half an hour later.

So this morning, not wanting to get all the kids dressed and ready to walk Kaeidyn to school, I let her walk to school by herself for the first time ever! She comes in to my room as soon as The Boyfriend gets upstairs, begging me to let her walk to school by herself. At first, I flat out denied her. Then when I woke up, and Carter was still sleeping, she was still begging.

After a very long lecture, and a lot of cuddling on her part, she walked out the door all by herself. I watched her as she walked away and was proud of my little miss independent when she looked both ways before crossing the street. And then the heart attack happened…

I get a phone call from her school. “Is Kaeidyn not coming to school today?”. My heart stopped and I went into panicked Mom mode. “She should be at school!” After calling the teacher, it turns out the teacher marked Kaeidyn as someone else who was absent. Sigh of relief.

Kenzie and Keirnan have hardly been eating anything these last few days. After the night where both Keirnan and Kaeidyn were throwing up everywhere (to the point where we’ve had to throw a mattress out), Kenzie pretty much refuses to eat anything, even things that he loves eating. Today, I tried feeding them twice and both times they outright refused. Carter on the other hand has pretty much not stopped eating.

I’ve hardly done anything but blog and research this last little while. I guess I’ve done a bunch of laundry, out of necessity not desire. And I’ve kept the living room in a pretty clean state, all things considered. But otherwise, I’m mostly on my computer, blogging my little heart out. One day, I’ll post all the blogs I’m currently working on.

It’s so funny that I went from having 12 different blogs, and I reduced them to this one. And then we get the internet back and slowly I’m building back up again. Maybe my exhaustion is purely mental…

Author: Valerie Rayne

Valerie Rayne is a wannabe kinkster, blog-a-holic and mom of six ranting about life, love and blogging. She is also the creator of WTMFI Wednesdays, a weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality.

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