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Disease: Fear of Sex

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Fear of sexuality is the new, disease-sponsored register of the universe of fear in which everyone now lives.

– Susan Sontaq


Author: Valerie Rayne

Valerie Rayne is a wannabe kinkster, blog-a-holic and mom of five ranting about life, love and blogging. She is also the founder of The Erotic Writers Group, a community for #EroticWriters and #EroticReaders to connect, share, learn and inspire.

One thought on “Disease: Fear of Sex

  1. Not that new really. There have been several periods in the history of western culture where sexuality was feared far more than it is today.
    There are other cultures where sexuality is feared far more than westerners have ever feared it. Look at the Muslim countries where even a woman’s face is covered out of fear of sexual titilation.

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