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The Brighton Tales: Chapter 4 – Bidding for a Slave

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We did not head in the same direction as we had earlier for the Auctions. I was taken into a room with a very long table down the middle of it, a beautiful and warm fire glowing at the far end of the room. Seated at the table were at least fifty villagers, and standing around them was at least another fifty. Each held in their hands a small sack, and as I stepped down into the room, a large busty woman, wearing a soot covered apron, handed me a small sack. Inside the sack there were large purple and blue berries. The villagers around me were scarfing down handfuls at a time, I quietly ate one or two.

The Master’s and Mistress’ of the Elite Advisory Council stood just outside the door of the room, waiting to collect the group of commoners. It felt like short minutes had passed, when Master came inside the room, grabbed the sack out of my hands and told me it was time. We walked through the halls of the castle, for me, one last time. Master whispered, “Remember what I have taught you, my boy. Be graceful, don’t think, don’t look. Please your King and Queen. Remember all the tragedies that took place before you. And absolutely, do not trip!”.

As I stepped down into the large stadium, the chosen already seated at the table, I looked out among the crowd of faces, seated in the rising seats, all dressed in much better fashions than I, in my drab burlap sack dress. Upon the bang of a gong, the chosen ate heartily of fine meats and cheeses. All I had eaten was some berries, and I’m sure the look upon my face read as hungry and desperate.

After the chosen had eaten, another bang sounded from the gong, and Master’s and Mistress’ paraded the chosen around the stadium, and exited out the door we had all come through. King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone rose from their seat. The King proclaimed, “Let the Brighton Auctions begin!”, as he raised his fist in the air.

Every humble commoner began running around the stadium on the tips of their toes, lifting their knees to their chest. The sounds of heavy labored breathing and sticks whooshing through the air surrounded me, as I tried my hardest to look graceful, as Master had instructed. I ran with my head held high, trying to disguise the pain I felt all over my body. As I lifted my knees as high as I could, in my exhausted state from running this very course earlier today, the broken skin on my rear end, from my beating in this very room earlier by Master, tore and blood dripped down my leg, tears sitting at the edge of my eyes.

My muscles burnt and I was very tired. I was desperate to please my King and Queen, and especially my Master. The crowd cheered, as one-by-one, commoners collapsed on the sides of the track. Master’s and Mistress’ stood over the helpless villagers, yelling at them that they were weak and pitiful. “You should be ashamed of yourself! You’ve displeased the great King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone, and for this you shall pay”, screamed one Mistress, as she hailed a rain of blows upon a female commoner who screamed with each hit.

The run seemed to last forever, and I was sure I wouldn’t make it through until the end. By this point, the crowd was becoming less and less interested, and the Master’s and Mistress’ tired of wielding their sticks. The bang of the gong seemed to tear through my ears, and all the villagers stopped and looked in the direction of the gong. Master’s and Mistress’ stopped their beatings.

A large circular shape, much like that of a ball, was lowered from the roof in the center of the room. King Ohgrain bellowed, “Ho!”, and the bottom of the ball opened as the marble stones Master and I had practiced with dropped to the ground, spreading the floor of the entire stadium. The ten villagers who had been trained by the Elite Advisory Council, immediately dropped to their hands and knees, and began collecting rounded stones between their lips and teeth. Other commoners followed suit, and soon the race was on to see who could collect the most marbles.

We raced about, our reddened bottoms flashing the crowd every so often, which would make the crowd cheer loudly. My knees ached as I raced about, picking up a marble in my teeth and racing it over to the bowl in front of the King and Queen. Blood ran down my legs, as wounds seemed to appear where there never were any. As I turned round to my King and Queen, they hooted and hollered at the site of the blood and my very red ass, my testicles bobbing between my legs.

It seemed like the longest time I had ever been on my hands and knees in my entire life, even longer than the months I had spent as a babe. At last, every rounded stone had been cleared from the floor, and bowls sat along the front of the King and Queen, some filled more than others of stones. Tired villagers laid about, their knees bruised or bleeding, some of them still being scolded by their Mistress or Master.

I quickly crawled to the center of the room, where the table had been removed from and faced my King and Queen. I waited patiently for Master to come to me, as he had instructed, my knees burning and absolutely not looking forward to what was coming next. I felt sorry for all those who hadn’t been trained by the Elite Advisory Council, and were only being directed by their Master’s or Mistress’ now.

Master came to me, and told me to rise. I did so and faced away from King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone, raising my arms as high as I could in my extremely weakened state. Other villagers lined up to the left and right of me, their Master’s and Mistress’ at their side. Those who could not stand would spend three days in a chamber, I was told, though no other details were spared. They would then be sent back to their villages, where they would suffer through great shame for displeasing the King and Queen. Never again would they be chosen to work at this or any other castle!

The gong sounded once again, making us all jump, as Master skillfully landed the stick on my slightly exposed bottom. The burlap sack scratched at the welts, and I flinched as Master rained blow after blow upon my tender skin. Tears flowed down my face, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not contain them. The pain went from stinging to warm, and the flickering of the candle light seemed to glow brighter and brighter. My breathing was no longer heavy and labored, but rather steady and calm.

Master whispered gently to me, “You are doing magnificently, my boy. Only a few more moments, keep that head up. Remember, don’t think, don’t look.” The thought of bearing another second had me sobbing, as the King and Queen and the entire crowd cheered on around me. “Harder, Harder”, came from the crowd. Through my tears, I could make out men and women fondling each other roughly. They kissed vigourosly about me, their hands travelling beneath one another’s clothing.

The gong banged once more, and Master’s and Mistress’ directed us to lay face down on the floor of the large stadium. The crowd rose and descended upon us. Within moments, Kings and Queens from other countries, wealthy castle commoners from all over the world, were standing at the heads and feets of each villager laying on the ground, their Master’s and Mistress’ kneeling beside their faces. Each villager’s cheeks were blushed deep red as tears streamed down their face.

Horny Kings and Queens placed their hands on the back sides of every villager. Commoners moaned and squirmed beneath the touches all about the room. Master’s and Mistress’ whispered in ears, either with loving words or words of disappointment.

I laid very quietly, with my face towards my Master. One-by-one, Kings and Queens and other nobles and wealthy commoners, caressed my bleeding bottom, ran their hands up and down my back, fondled my swelling scrotum. Master whispered gently to me, the crinkled lines in his face softening, “You’ve done marvelously. You have made the King and Queen very proud. You have even managed to make me proud. You are the best slave this Master has ever trained. I will hold you in my arms once more, do not fear.” I closed my eyes, hoping what he said was true.

Kings and Queens and wealthy castle commoners, slowly made their way back to their seats. The gong banged once again, as King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone rose again. Master’s and Mistress’ grabbed the arm of each one of us, and helped us stand to our feet, facing the King and Queen. The King announced, “We have counted the bowls of marbles, and the winner is the great Master Gabriel Vittori and his fiesty slave!” My Master pulled me forward, as the crowd cheered and hollered. Master turned me facing away from the King and Queen, and pushed my head forward, until I was bent at the waist, the burlap sack lifting and exposing my bleeding behind.

He bent and kiss the welts, and laughs spread rampant through the crowd. Master then turned me facing the King and Queen, my bare bottom to the crowd. He lifted my chin until I was looking the King squarely in the eye, and again bent and kissed my welted rear end. Tears streamed down my face as humiliation and shame washed over me like a mighty wave. My entire body shook, and my stomach turned in great knots. The King applauded and winked at me as he gave me an approving smile.

Master escorted me to a chair that had been placed in the center of the room, made of plush comfortable fabric, that felt good upon my bloodied behind. Master placed a stool beneath my feet. I sat, feeling more relaxed than I had in a long time, as the crowd slowly quieted. The King rose once again, “Unfortunately, someone has to lose. Tonight, we have a special duty for the loser of the marble stone challenge. Will Mistress Mairya and her less than fortunate slave, please step forward?”

Mistress Mairya had her villager by the arm, though the girl was fighting hard to stay in the line up of villagers. A very large and tall man, who I had not seen before this point, and had no guesses as to where he had come from, walked to the villager and swiftly lifted her up over his shoulder with ease. As he walked her towards the King and the Queen, he spanked her bottom, with hands much larger than mine, as she squirmed about his shoulder. Mistress Mairya walked slowly behind the tall man. He set the girl down, and faced her towards the King and Queen. The Queen rose quickly and shreiked, “You there! Stop your kicking about, right now, or you shall suffer the worst consequences possible.” These words were not to be taken lightly, as the Queen had a great deal of power, and would see your head on a platter before taking any sort of disrespect. The girl quieted, and the man now let her go. She waivered under her weakening legs, and Mistress Mairya stepped in to steady her.

The Queen started again, “You have lost this challenge, and others have done so much better than you. Look at Master Gabriel’s slave! Why did you not try harder? Do you not want to please your King and Queen? You will spend the rest of your life regretting this very moment, do you understand minion?” She paused, waiting for a response from the rattled girl. The girl nodded her head, and the Queen seemed to not take notice that the girl hadn’t spoken.

“Very well then. Your failure has earned you ten days in the chamber, at which time you will be paraded about your village as the disappointment that you are! Hopefully by then, you have cleaned up your act. After you are paraded about, and your village looks upon you with disgust, then we will meet again and decide how the rest of your days shall pan out. Do you understand minion?”, Queen Persephone demanded. “As for you, Mistress Mairya, you will see me in my bed chambers immediately following the great Brighton Auctions, understood?” Mistress Mairya bowed her head, her robe unable to hide her fear.

The man escorted them both out of the stadium, and attention turned back to the King and Queen. The crowd buzzed with excitement, as Kings and Queens waited impatiently to begin bidding. The King stood, “Please be seated.”, a gentleness in his voice. One-by-one villagers sat on the floor, trying not to sit directly on their sore rear ends. Once everyone was seated, and silence had fell over the room, the King proclaimed, “Let the bidding begin!”

Naked men, their members flopping about between their legs, entered through the door I had come through, each carrying a silver tray in their right hand. They walked about between the rows of seats, collecting folded up pieces of paper from the Kings and Queens and wealthy castle commoners. Kings would spank the bottoms of the naked men as they passed by, and Queens would reach out and touch their slowly swelling penis’. The men would blush and carry on, trying to steady the trays as they walked about. I smiled in delight, half grateful it wasn’t me but also enjoying the sight of it all. Laughter filled the air as nobles bid sums of money that I hadn’t even seen in my lifetime, on villagers dressed in burlap sacks, sprawled about the auditorium floor.

After all the papers had been collected on the tops of the silver trays, the naked men walked the trays over to the King and Queen and the bidding had officially begun. Bids that the King and Queen liked were kept off to the side, and those that they disliked were questioned on the spot. The King would yell at the pompous Kings and Queens of other countries, screaming, “You are absurd! How dare you come upon my house and try to steal one of my villagers. You honestly believe I’d let someone go for this price, you dirty old man! You should be ashamed of yourself.”, and on the spot he’d burn the paper over the flame of a candle.

Hours passed, and the night sky was a solid black, stars glistening above us. Some villagers left with Kings and Queens that had bid on them, though most still laid upon the floor. Most closed their eyes and slept through the bidding. I sat, in my comfortable chair, patiently awaiting my fate. More hours passed, as the crowd dwindled down to maybe ten rulers and a handful of wealthy commoners. Fifteen villagers laid on the floor beside me, exhaustion showing in the blacks beneath their eyes. The King rose, rather frustrated, and in a tired voice said, “That is all for the night. Master’s and Mistress’, please retire for the night. Guests, please stay at the castle tonight.”

A few naked men entered the room once more, and escorted the wealthy to rooms on the upper levels of the castle. Master’s and Mistress’ woke their sleeping villagers, and helped them to their feet. Master came to my side, and excitedly grabbed my hand, “Come with me, my boy! We must sleep before tomorrow.” I rose from my chair, every muscle in my body aching, my bottom numb from pain.

Master escorted me back down the hallway, up a winding staircase, which was incredibly hard for me to climb, and down another series of small corridors. We came upon a small door, and Master took me inside. The room was quite small, and had only a desk and a small bed in it. Master helped me remove my burlap sack, and told me to lay face down on the bed. Fearing another whipping, I looked at him, pleading with my eyes. He smiled and shook his head, the lines in his face showing his age, “No no, young man. I am just putting cream on what must be a very sore bottom.” I nodded and laid down on the bed.

Master gently rubbed the cream into my welted rear, and without meaning to, I flinched beneath his every touch. The cream was very cooling, and was a sensation I had never experienced before. My member again hardened. Master finished and told me to get under the blanket, which scratched my skin. As I rolled, Master noticed the stiff object between my legs, and chuckled to himself.

He shook his head and removed his robe, revealing scars up and down his back and bottom and legs. I looked at him, concern creasing my forehead. Master’s face turned stiff as leather, and he whispered, “Don’t think, don’t look.” I nodded and lowered my head to the pillow. Master crawled in beside me and wrapped his arm across my body, as I tried not to lay on my back. Master whispered, “This is a very good sign, you know? You have impressed everyone with your performance. You have made me very proud.”

I smiled and drifted peacefully to sleep, exhaustion consuming every inch of my body. Master stayed cuddling beside me through the night, until the sun shone through the window above his desk.

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Author: Valerie Rayne

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