The Rantings of a Tortured Mind

Valerie Rayne Rants

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Learning to Love

It had been so long since he last lay his eyes upon my gentle curves, or touched the hot flesh of my body. I could feel him near me, and could smell his sweet and beautiful scent. He stepped up behind me and placed his hand upon my shoulder, and I turned and collapsed into his arm. He was warm and soft and I nuzzled deeply into the scruffy hair about his chin. He scooped me up in his strong arms, and I curled towards his chest. He kissed my forehead and lead my down the hall.

The room was scattered with candles of all shapes and sizes, their flames flickering with every movement. He stood me in the center of the room, and without saying a single word, disappeared out the door. I was left to admire the room about me. A long rectangular mirror stood before one wall, across from it a wooden cross. Though the top was much shorter, and was cut into a crescent shape. Just to my left a little was a tall table, covered in a smooth, shiny fabric.

He came back into the room, and stood behind me. As he slipped a cloth over my eyes, the candlelight faded away until I was in complete darkness, relying only on my sense of sound and touch. He wrapped his arm around mine, and slowly lead me around the room, until we were at an object. He helped me to lay down upon it, and even though I wasn’t completely sure, I was sure it was the tall table.

I laid down and he began removing my clothing. Undoing the button on my pants, and gently sliding them down my legs, asking me to lift my rear as he did. Then he undid each button on my blouse. As he pushed my shirt back, he gently ran his fingers about my stomach and chest, a shiver running clear down my spine. I lifted my shoulders and he helped me remove my shirt. I laid there in my underwear and my bra with a cloth covering my eyes.

He moved then, and I reached out my hand as I felt him move from me. In moments, he returned and lifted both my hands above my head, my wrists together. After a few more moments, I felt a coarse material being strapped around my chest, above my breasts, underneath my arms. He then wrapped the material underneath the table, firmly securing it with a knot. Another strap was placed around my chest, this time under my breasts.

Next, I heard the ripping of tape, and a second later, I had tape securely fastened around my hands, holding them together above my head. Two more straps were placed around my thigh and calf, and wrapped beneath  the table. My movement was considerably hindered beneath the straps. Again, I felt him move away from me.

I felt my nipples harden, and the trimmed hair beneath my legs was moistened from my warmth. I heard his footsteps nearing, and then a soft prickling sensation running underneath the top rope on my chest. Then underneath the bottom rope on my chest. The prickling continued down my stomach, over my hip and down my leg to the top strap. The prickling became rough then, as it traveled back up my body, over my hip, up my stomach and between my breasts.

His fingers gently traced the little red marks forming on my skin. My body flinched and my breathing quickened. He pinched my nipples, first soft and then hard. As he let go, he quickly slapped my breast, and I tried to sit up and take off the mask, but as I’ve said before I was hindered.

He bent down and whispered in my ear, “Just be still. You’ll learn to love it.” and with that he slapped my breast again, and then slapped the other one. I laid back, trusting in his words. He ran his coarse hand down my stomach, and stopped just above my underwear. He pulled them down a bit, and flicked his tongue across my clit.

Whoosh! A stinging thud landed on my thigh, and I squirmed to get away. Another stinging thud on the other thigh, and again I squirmed. Then it hit my nipples and I yelped out, “What the hell are you doing?” I squirmed about, trying to kick my legs or flail my legs, but the most I could get is a few inch movements of my hips. I lifted them off the table, trying to loosen the straps that held me down, but the more I moved about the tighter the straps seemed to get. After a few more moments of yelping and squirming, I was too exhausted to move and collapsed on the table, heaving a sigh.

He bent down again and whispered, “Would you like to watch what I’m doing to you? Beg me to take off your blindfold. Otherwise, lay there and be a good girl or I’ll make you be a good girl!” I slowly shook my head, as he kissed my lips, letting his tongue gently probe my tongue. His lips were soft and smooth and I didn’t want him to stop. He reached up and dragged his nails down my arms, and then grabbed my breasts hard.

I felt a soft material tickle across my feet then. And my toes flinched frantically. Then the tickling went up my legs, and caressed my hips. I squirmed away from the tickling and a hard slap came down on my breasts. “Oh, please. No more, I can’t bare it. Not my breasts!” He slapped my breasts again, not as hard this time. He lowered his voice and stated calmly, “Tonight, my dear, these are mine. My property. I will do with them what I please.” Another slap, “And you will learn to love it! Just breath baby girl and relax, I won’t give you more than you can handle. You really might be more comfortable if you watch.” And he pulled my blindfold off.

He looked magnificent in the candlelight. He was wearing tighter pants and no shirt. A belt fastened around his waist had all sorts of different toys on it. Handcuffs and keys hung from one side, and from another a long riding crop, like that which you would use on a horse. Various other things hung around the belt, each more fascinating than the one before it. He smiled as I stared with awe at this belt.

He began to undo the straps around my breasts, and the ones about my legs. He helped me to sit up from the tall table, my head spinning as I sat. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tight to his chest and gently lifted me off the table, steadying me on the ground. My legs felt weak and I didn’t want his arms gone, and we stood there for a few minutes, until both our breathing had calmed.

He grabbed my shoulders, and gently pushed me back. With his eyebrow raised and devious smile spread wide across his face he asked, “Are you ready for more?” I slowly nodded my head, seriously contemplating my willingness for whatever was about to happen. He lead me across the room to the cross on the wall. He swiftly removed my bra, using two fingers of one hand. He cut the tape holding my wrists together to slide the bra off of me completely. Then he pulled my underwear off my behind, and helped me to step out of them.

He walked me up to the cross and placed a dark rope around my waist and around the post of the cross. He told me to look behind me, into the mirror on the other side of the room. He placed his hand on my lower back and ran it down my ass. “Look at this amazing round ass. Do you see it in that mirror there? Do you see my hand slowly caressing these curves?” I nodded and gently moaned, enjoying the warmth of his hands on my bare skin to a great degree.

“Now, watch this!”, and as quickly as it was said a hard smack fell upon my ass cheek. And then another and then another. I reached my hands down behind me to stop the next blow, and he chuckled, “So that’s how it’s going to be then? You’re determined to be bad, aren’t you? You’re gonna pay for that!” My hands were then restrained to the cross with cuffs fastened to my wrist and the cross. “You better keep your legs still, or I’ll strap them down too.”

More slaps fell upon my bare ass, my skin stinging and burning beneath his hand. He stopped and rubbed my behind, first gently and then grabbing at it. Pulling the skin out and down, and then up towards my back, letting my rear jiggle as he let go. He reached his hand between my leg, where he found that I was quite wet. He smelt his hand and chuckled again, “Told you you’d love it.” and another smack on my reddening behind.

He came to my face and gave me a long and very passionate kiss. “Tell me you’ll be a good little girl.” I nodded. Again, his hand landed hard on my ass. “TELL me you’ll be a good little girl.” Stubbornly I said, “I’ll be good.” He stepped back, his eyebrows raised as if I had shocked him. He looked angry now, as he stepped around behind me. He grabbed my hips and pulled them out from the cross, making my behind stick out at him. He spread my legs, revealing my wet pussy.

A moment passed then a hard thud landed along my thighs, stinging wrapped around my leg. I turned to look at what he was doing, and in his hand he held a handle that held a bunch of thick leather straps from it. He would later tell me it was a flogger, one that I was going to learn to love. A hard thud and stinging pain wrapped around my other leg, “Now will you tell me you’ll be a good little girl?” Reluctantly I replied, “I’ll be a good little girl.”, rebellion seeping through my every word.

The thud landed on my ass then, and then again, quickly and harder with every smack. I squirmed about but that didn’t stop him. I moaned and squealed with every thudding, stinging slap. And then his familiar rough hand landed hard on my behind. I kicked my leg out and yelped out for him to stop. He placed one hand on the back of my neck and gently caressed my reddened skin with his other hand. He found his way between my legs, and gently rubbed my clit. Slowly, he inserted a finger inside of me, my pussy clenching around his finger frantically. I moaned and rolled my head back, and he kissed my shoulders and my arms.

He slowly removed his finger and stepped away from me. A few steps later and he was at my side, with a candle in his hand. Slowly and carefully, he dripped the wax from the candle on my back and behind. I wriggled beneath the heat and he blew on the cooling wax. It seemed to go on forever, the hot heat and the cool blowing and my mind was buzzing and my pussy was pulsing.

“Please, stop teasing me. I need you inside me now. Please, I need to cum.” I begged him over and over. He grabbed my hair in his hand and pulled my head back, “You will cum when I tell you to cum! But since you claim you NEED me inside of you, I will allow it, just this once.” He removed my straps and my cuffs, and with his hand pulling my hair to guide me, directed me to my knees. He undid his pants, and pulled out his bulging member. Pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock, and I licked my lips to prepare for what was to happen.

Slowly, he guided my head to him. I licked the pre-cum from his dick, and then licked up and down his shaft, stopping to kiss him. He directed my head to his balls, and whispered, “Suck them dirty girl.”, and I did. I pulled them into my mouth, and swirled my tongue about them. I popped them out of my mouth and sucked them back in again. He pulled back and rammed his swelling cock into my mouth. I gagged a little bit, and as he pulled out of my mouth saliva dripped down my chin.

He pulled my hair back so I was looking up at him. Then he pushed his member into my mouth again, pushing it as deep as I could handle it. He let go of my hair, and grabbed the side of my head. Quickly he pumped my head back and forth against him. I reached my hand between my legs and began rubbing my clit, my wetness dripping between my fingers. He stopped and pushed my head down, causing me to be on all fours. He circled around me and saw my hand slowly rubbing myself. A hard smack landed on my behind, and I removed my hand to brace myself on the floor.

Another hard smack, and another and another fell upon my reddened ass. Then, he was inside me. He held himself deep within me for a long moment, and I ground my hips into him. He grabbed my curvy hips and pushed me forward off of him, and then quickly pulled me down on him. He slapped my ass hard as we alternated between him pushing himself in and out of me and me grinding my hips against him. Blow after blow, push after push. Without warning, he pulled out and came all over my rear end, the warm goo spurting across my ass cheeks and up my back, running down my leg. My pussy convulsed frantically. Four rough slaps squished his cum into the reddened welting skin on my ass.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He kissed me and chuckled, “Good girl. You did good, now lay on your back.” I rolled onto my back as he knelt on the floor beside me. He kissed my forehead, then my cheek, then my lips. He grabbed my breasts and pinched my nipples. His hand caressed my hip and ran down my thigh. Then I felt his warm breath as his lips enclosed my pussy lips, my juices covering his chin and matting the hair that lay there.

Skillfully, he flicked his tongue across my clit, and sucked on the blood-filled lips of my pussy. His finger gently rubbed my asshole, and I squirmed beneath his sucking and flicking. My toes clenched and my back arched off the floor. I screamed out as my entire body erupted into intense convulsions, my pussy clenching tightly and filling his mouth with my sweet juices. He muttered, “Good girl.” between my legs, the vibrations causing my entire body to shake. I collapsed against the floor as he took his last lick. He came to me and kissed me. Then he stood.

Gently lifting me from the floor, I snuggled my head into his chest, letting his chin hair tickle my forehead. The cold air on my rear stung and I whimpered. He gently rest his head upon mine and carried me to our bed. He put me on the bed face down and gently rubbed a cooling cream on my welting skin. I moaned at the sensation, and he chuckled at me for the last time that night. He crawled in next to me, and pulled me close to him, his scent surrounding the air around me. He kissed my neck and my cheek, and as I drifted off to sleep he whispered in my ear, “Goodnight, Baby Girl. You’ve done good.”


Four More Months

This past week has been overwhelming, hectic, stressful and incredibly productive. I feel tired and sore and mentally dead. I almost feel like if I think one more thing, my brain will mostly start seeping out my ears and nose and then my eyeballs with pop out of my cute little skull.

From work to interview and back-to-school and boy troubles, it just feels like it’s never going to end. These next four months are destined to be out of control. So first, there’s work. I started working at Best Buy last week, and I’m doing inventory. For me, that’s hard work. I’m not usually that active, nor do I normally lift things. I’m doing pretty good there though, I think.

I’m lifting more than the other guys on my crew, not because they can’t, just because I’m determined to work hard. I even unloaded, counted and reloaded 104 laptops all by myself my second night in. I got a bruise from somewhere the other day, that I didn’t notice until after I had been home awhile. It’s been good, my only complaint is that there’s alot of time of not doing anything. And when I’m sitting around too long without doing anything, I start feeling like I’m neglecting the kids.

I had two workshops to go to last week at the place where I’m doing employment counseling. The first one was on budgeting, and I totally didn’t need to go to it. I could’ve taught it. It’s all just stuff I already knew, now I need someone to tell me how to put it into action, because that’s where my whole problem comes in. I’m good at creating budgets and I know where my money is going, but that doesn’t help me get out of debt. And boy, am I ever in debt.

The next one was “Possibility Thinking” and it was another situation of feeling like I already knew it and was left feeling like I wanted so much more. I’ve done a ton of different positive thinking workshops and groups (especially when I was in the institution), so I pretty much had a grasp on everything they were talking about. It reminded me of group therapy, but it was good to talk and share.

I had an interview at Lush Cosmetics this morning that I think went relatively well. It’s all organic, fresh, handmade cosmetics (which I know pretty much nothing about, on all those levels), so it was interesting to say the least. I go for a floor test tomorrow, which I have no idea what it entails, but I’m sure I’ll do fine either way. It’s for sales, which I don’t have any experience with, but have always wanted to get into it for some reason.

We’ve got back-to-school coming up in three days and I’m just absolutely not excited or prepared for it. We still have to go get Kaeidyn’s school stuff (today or tomorrow), including shoes and one new outfit. I’m not looking forward to having to wake up so early, I need to figure out what I’m going to do for her lunches and my lunches for work, I’ve gotta make sure we’re doing her homework. It’s just all so much stress.

Then to add to it, we’ve got Keirnan’s birthday on the 5th, Kaeidyn’s birthday on the 19th, Carter’s birthday on October 28th, then Halloween, then my birthday in November and Christmas is right after that. So on top of all the other stuff, I’ve got money on the mind and I despise it. I have to take from here and there to get all this stuff and it’s just so much more complicated than I want it to be.

I wish I could pawn off some of the responsibilities on someone else and just say, ‘You take your money and you worry about school supplies, or you worry about paying the bills!” It’s driving me nuts, because we’re going to be so behind by the end of the year, and I just don’t see anyway of making it different than that, because there’s certain things that I can’t just say, “Nope, I’m not getting or paying for that”. Hopefully it all just gets easier now that I’m working, but I doubt it will.

The Boyfriend and I got in the first two fights ever in our entire relationship this week too, making it that much more stressful. Both can be chalked up to my stupid insecurities, mostly about his level of desire for me, because it feels like it’s dwindling. I also feel like I’m projecting. He does one thing that’s even a little bit like the things that happened with Alfie, and I automatically think the worst and I picture the last six years repeating itself, but instead of hitting and screaming, it will just be ignorance and silence. And I honestly don’t know which one I think is worse. Path

Not last night, but the night before was the worst. I was so angry at him and sat in silence all day. He just followed suit and didn’t push to find out what was up and it just bothered me to no end. I ended up snapping hard at him when we went to bed, and I pffted every single one of his replies and snapped even harder when he did reply, and generally made him sound like a really bad boyfriend. The fight ended with me apologizing for snapping so hard at him, because I really didn’t mean to.

It’s amazing to me how much I despise fighting now, in comparison to as little as two years ago. And especially with The Boyfriend. I just feel like a horrible rotten person bitching at him for these things that I bitch about, but they’re are things that bother me, even if they are 100% innocent. I hate that I can’t date a guy and let him have friends that are girls, it just never works for me and I have so much jealousy within me.

I can’t even put it in the jealousy category with The Boyfriend. It is absolutely all about my insecurities. And of course, when that insecure little beast within me is released, it’s incredibly difficult to make it stop. I’m insecure in my relationship, I feel like he’s just waiting for the perfect moment to leave me. Anytime he talks to another girl, or looks at other girls pictures while I’m at work, even though he claims it’s innocent, my mind automatically remembers Alfie and the internet and all the horrible things that came from all that.

I fear that next will come signing up for matchmaking websites where he’s looking for “intimate relations, no strings attached”, and then it’ll be chatting and cybering on chatrooms, and then he’ll break up with me and share our special, intimate, loving things with another girl. And I just have to keep reminding myself over and over that The Boyfriend is not Alfie, and it is the most difficult and challenging thing for me. And it makes me feel like I’m the bad guy…

I told him that I can’t stand the lack of communication and it’s something we need to work on. I don’t know what’s going to come of that, if anything. So far, nothing has really happened. We’ve just kind of moved on from it and it hasn’t been mentioned again since I snapped. I think I even made him cry (don’t know for sure because all the lights were off and I was so mad that I didn’t care if I had hurt him. I wanted him to feel as crappy as I did…).

I’m just hoping life in general starts looking up more the way I want it to soon. Because I know I’m going to wear out eventually, and I’m not prepared for that to happen anytime soon. At the current moment, I don’t believe that I have the support system I need in place for that kind of situation. It’s just all being so hectic and overwhelming. Only four more months though until it slows down… Just gotta survive four more months.

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The Brighton Tales: Chapter 6 – Training for the Queens

I awoke from my sleep, the welts on my rear end tearing slightly, as I stretched my sore and tired muscles. Master Gabriel was again scurrying about the room, as he seemed to always do. He seemed to notice immediately when I began to stir in bed, and came over to me, his leather crinkled face gently smiling at me, “Good morning, my boy! Hope you slept well, but it is now time to begin!”

He swiftly rose out of the bed, and offered his hand to me. I strained to rise from the small cot, and whimpered as I straightened my legs, being reminded of the pain in my knee from running at the two day long Brighton Auctions, a rarity.

Master slid a white shirt over my head, and as he helped me into a pair of shorter trousers, he began, “Today, we begin your training for your great Queens. This has never happened, that I’ve been aware of. Never has Queen Persephone asked for permission to train someone else’s property. But it has been done.”

He sat me on the couch and helped me put on soft leather shoes, “You will find Queen Persephone to be a very strict Mistress. She does not appreciate being displeased and considers you to be hers completely, even though Queen Meliphisant has purchased you as hers. Queen Persephone believes that she can train you to be of the best use possible to the great Queen Meliphisant. You must be pleasing. You remember what I told you right?”

“Yes, Master. Don’t think, don’t look. You have no idea how much these last two days have taught me that.” He smiled, “Yes my boy, those words will save you. I want to explain to you though, that I in no way mean don’t have thoughts and don’t be observational and don’t feel. I want you to do all those things, but in the moment, be in the moment.” I nodded, not completely sure how he meant, but I was sure that I would learn.

Master lifted me off the couch and gave me a large hug. As he caressed my hair, he whispered, “You’re going to be great, my boy. You have made me a very proud Master. Thank you!”, he pulled away from me as a tear ran down his leathered cheek. A smile spread on his face, and I cocked my head to the side with a quizzical look on my face and asked, “Will I see you again Master?”. He shrugged his shoulders and let go of mine, “As far as I currently know, yes, I will see you daily. But we never want to assume when it comes to Queen Persephone. Her decision is her own. And with that, we must be on our way.”

He wrapped a rope around my wrist, delicately tying intricate and decorative knots up my arm. He pulled my arms behind my back and fastened the other wrist to the one that had been tied. “The first few times you meet with the Queen, she will require your hands be tied as such.”, Master said as he wove these knots.

“While we walk through the halls to the Queen’s room, you must keep your eyes down. Your head must still be held high, but your eyes must never meet the eyes of another.” I nodded at Master’s words. “Now, please walk to my left and keep your eyes down!”

We left the small room of Master Gabriel and made our way down the dimly lit hallways to the main castle where the great Queen Persephone resided. We winded up bright stairways, and wandered down dark hallways, and passed through great rooms filled with expensive furniture. Finally, after what felt like hours though was probably more mere minutes, we arrived at the big wooden doubled doors that separated Queen Persephone’s room from the great castle.

Master Gabriel knocked three times, quite loudly. A small girl came to the door and peeked her head out the crack she opened it. When she saw Master Gabriel and I, she smiled and curtsied, her eyes immediately dropping to the floor. She was a beautiful girl, and looked quite young. She walked us into the room, and stood us in the center of this large round area with no furniture except a large throne.

After we were placed in our position, she took hers, kneeling on her hands and knees beside the immaculate throne. Moments of awkward silence passed, when footsteps and laughter could be heard approaching. From a door to my left, I could hear a group of people. King Ohgrain’s laugh was heard then, and I began to panic about what was to come. While he was just a man, and had always been very nice to me, the King scared me.

A door opened and shut and within seconds, and with the beating of my heart filling my ears, the great Queen Persephone walked into the round room surrounded by King Ohgrain, Queen Meliphisant and her King and even my Prince and Princess, Atticus and Aria. Queen Persephone sat in the large throne and laid her hand on the small girls head, patting it like she were a dog. The other members of the group, surrounded me in the circle of the room. Master and I stood there like two pigs in a pen, waiting for whatever may be coming.

The laughter and chatter died down in the group and Queen Persephone began to speak, “Welcome everyone. As we all know, at yesterday’s second day of Brighton Auctions, a rarity in itself, a great deal was made between our castle and the castle of King Aaronia and Queen Meliphisant. This boy here,” she lifted her finger at me, “has been chosen to be trained by myself and Master Gabriel, and then given to Queen Meliphisant for her use and pleasure. We all know that this has never happened before, so we are here today to discuss the terms of this particular arrangement. Please Master Gabriel, you and the boy can be seated on the floor.”

We lowered ourselves, and as I crossed my legs in front of me, I could feel my welts separating, and I cringed as the pain ripped through my body. The Kings and Queens and Prince and Princess, sat around us, their legs crossed in front of them too.

Queen Meliphisant began, “I think that I should be given rights to come see him whenever I please, and to interrupt his training sessions at any time to continue on with my own training, since I did buy him.” Queen Persephone put her finger to her chin, and nodded as she considered the idea. Her King, Aaronia snorted, “How often do you plan on being here, my dear? We do have a castle of our own to keep!”

Her jaw dropped and she gave him a dirty glare. Anger seeped through her lips and in a hurt voice she responded, “Surely great husband, you can’t let me have a slave, and then not have any part in it. I have very particular needs, and I need to spend time teaching him my needs. Staying with Queen Persephone for two terms means he will have the best training this world has to offer, and I deserve the best, don’t I?”, she batted her lashes and gave him a sly smile. “Yes, my dear.” He grumbled to her.

King Ohgrain spoke then, “What about his partners? Who is allowed to touch this boy, train this boy, beat this boy and have interactions with this boy? Will he be trained by the great Master Gabriel or are we planning on having a female only trainer?” With a laugh he added, “Or will you be training him yourself Persephone?”

The room filled with snickers from Atticus and Aria and even the Queen herself. “Well I may try my hand at it with this one, but for the most part I think the training should mostly be discussed between Master Gabriel and Queen Meliphisant. And King, as with all who stay in our castle, if the situation calls for it, anyone who is in the seat of authority can touch and punish and train this boy. If he should so deserve it.”

A moment or two passed as everyone searched their minds for more questions. My mind raced with thousands of them, though I dare not speak my mind in this forum. Not without being asked. Queen Meliphisant rose abruptly and quickly went to the Queen. She whispered in her ear, and Queen Persephone’s eyes lit up. As Meliphisant returned to her seat on the floor, Queen Persephone rose and told everyone it was time for something magnificent.

She whistled, and the little girl that was kneeling beside her thrown scurried off on her hands and knees. She crawled into a small cage, which was locked behind her and a blanket was thrown over the cage. Atticus and Aria began out the door. “Where are you going?” whined the great Queen Persephone. Aria stated, “Atticus has his chosen to deal with today Mama. Please, may we be excused?” The Queen waved her hand, “Oh fine. Go if you must. Remember to have her prepared for a feast tonight!”

The Queen turned to me and said, “Well boy, it is time for you to rise to your feet. I know that you most likely feel weak and tired today, but the great Queen Meliphisant has paid a large sum of money to have access to you as her own. And we musn’t make her wait forever to have you. You must be on your best behavior.”

I nodded as Queen Meliphisant stepped towards me. She smiled as she approached, and then laid her hand on my shoulder. She walked around me, and I tried hard to not look at her. She was a beautiful woman, tall and darker. Her breasts bulged out of the top of her tight dress, and every curve was accentuated by the swaying of her hips. She walked behind me and grabbed at my hair. She came back to my front and kissed my cheek.

She turned to Queen Persephone, who nodded at her. Then she turned to Master Gabriel, “Remove his clothing at once please Master. I need to see his flesh!” Master began pulling my pants down. He undid my wrists from the intricate knots of the rope and pulled my shirt off over my head. I stood there naked, resisting the urge to cover my swelling member. Queen Meliphisant brought her body close to mine and pushed her large breasts against my chest. She rubbed her leg against my member, his bulging apparent. She moaned and let her head fall back slightly, her plump lips glimmering in the light of the sun across the room.

She turned to the group and said with glee, “I must take him now”. Queen Persephone smiled and ushered the two of us over to the throne. Queen Meliphisant sat on the large throne, her buttocks at the very edge of the chair and spread her legs as far as they would allow. Queen Persephone lifted Meliphisant’s dress around her waist, her wet bushy pussy shown to the entire room. The men in the room squirmed with delight at the beautiful vision of this woman’s vaginal lips.

Queen Persephone instructed me down on my knees, “Now crawl to her and taste her sweet juices.” I crawled as quickly as I could between Queen Meliphisant’s legs. I stuck my tongue out and flicked it across the hard nub atop her lips. She jumped and moaned. “Gentler”, escaped her lips. Gently, I circled my tongue around her nether region, letting my tongue travel the inner depths of her. Her hands found their way into my hair and she tangled her fingers in it. She pulled my head this way and that, pushing it hard against her and then lifting it off her.

Queen Persephone was behind me then. And a swift smack fell upon my welted rear end. I groaned against Meliphisant’s wet, warm pussy and the women laughed in delight. Another smack and another smack and my member felt like it was about to explode. Queen Persephone said, in quite a loud voice, “That’s enough now, it’s my turn!” Meliphisant smiled and rose from her seat, “He is a good one, this boy.”

Persephone sat in the high throne much the same way Queen Meliphisant had. Meliphisant kissed her on the lips and then went back to King Aaronia, who was less than pleased. I began kissing the thighs of the great Queen Persephone and she let out small moans intertwined with short gasps. Slowly, I worked my way up to her amazing vaginal lips, their scent filling the air with a glorious sweetness.

As I sunk my lips around hers, and entered her with my tongue, I let out a moan as her delicious taste filled my mouth. She laughed and wiggled her hips back and forth as I continued sucking and licking her. Her pussy felt as swollen as my hard cock and it took all of my power to resist stroking myself and spraying all over her.

Forcefully, she grabbed my hair and directed my hard tongue inside of her. Again and again, she pulled me back and then pushed me hard into her. I would flick my tongue frantically as she pulled me back, lapping at the sweet juices that poured out of her. Her entire body tightened, and she pushed my face hard against her. Juices began spurting out of her, and I gleefully lapped at them all as they dripped down my face. I stayed there licking until she pulled me away. She collapsed back in the chair and smiled at her husband. With quite the curious face, she raised her eyebrow and asked, “You want some?”

A wide smile spread across King Ohgrain’s face, and he jumped his way over to the throne. Queen Persephone rose from the chair and undid her husbands pants. She pulled them to his feet and helped him into the chair. I could hear the words of my Master play through my head again, “Don’t think, don’t look.” And so I did neither. The King said to me, “Watch those teeth boy” and I slowly lowered my mouth around his waiting member.

It wasn’t a long cock, but it was a wide cock. My jaw hurt almost as soon as it was in my mouth and I just kept hoping it would be over soon. Rhythmically, I sucked up and down on his swolleness. He was moaning and pumping back against me. Queen Persephone smacked my ass again, and a small moan escaped my lips. King Ohgrain laughed and said, “Again!”. A smack fell on my ass again, and again and again. I was moaning, as was the King. He grabbed my head and pulled it down upon him until his cock was at the back of my throat. I moaned as he pulled me back and drool dripped down my chin. He laughed again and pulled me back down on his cock. Once more he pulled me back and as he pulled me back down on his swollen member, he erupted a warm sticky mess into my mouth. I swallowed all of it, and he rubbed my hair. I sat back on my feet as he rose and took his position back beside King Aaronia and Queen Meliphisant.

They talked amongst each other as Queen Persephone went and unlocked the small girl from the cage. She pet the girl on the head and whispered to her, “It’s time for the show!”. The girl crawled to me then, and as I knelt on the floor in front of the throne, she straddled me in front of it. The Kings and Queens looked on from their spot as this beautiful small girl, crawled on top of me and playfully slapped my face with her breasts.

Queen Meliphisant cheered, “Suck those titties boy! Just suck them!” I raised my hand to the small girls breasts and lifted her hard, tiny nipple into my mouth. I sucked her nipples as she playfully smacked them across my face again. My cock felt as if it were going to explode before she had even lowered herself upon it. And I moaned as her inner thigh brushed against it.

Without warning, she lowered herself down upon me, and I felt my member reach the deepest part of her pussy. She yelped as my cock pulsed and began frantically wriggling about on top of me. I grabbed at her breasts, I grabbed at her hips, I even reached around and grabbed her ass. The girl jumped up and down on me, her hair flipping this way and that. She moaned and squealed and I tried to steady her.

She leaned backwards against the chair and in this position, her body looked magnificent to me. She slowed her movements and grabbed my hand. She placed it upon the hard nub above her vaginal lips. I pulled her lips back, viewing my hard cock within her and the wet nub above it. I rubbed my fingers on her nub in a circular motion and she moaned with delight. Gently, I lifted myself off my knees slowly and begin thrusting within her. She let out another squeal and with moments my cock was soaking in her glorious juices.

After she had cum, I lifted her up and laid her on the floor. I entered her again, this time on top of her. As I pulled out, I felt a hard smack on my ass that forced me to push deep within her. I moaned and turned to look who had given the smack. Another smack on my ass, and then another and it felt like different hands. Behind me stood the Kings and Queens, each taking turns smacking my ass with their bare hands as I pushed in and out of this small girl beneath me.

Harder and fast came the slaps and harder and faster came my thrusts. I rubbed my chest against the girls breasts and felt a finger slide into my anus. I yelped and a tear gathered at the corner of my eye. It felt good and yet it hurt. I pushed back against the finger as I pulled my cock out of the girl, and then pulled away from the finger as I pushed my cock deep into the girl. The slaps still fell across my rear and my member pulsed frantically.

All at once, I was moaning loudly and cumming hard inside this small girl, my asshole tightening around the finger. A succession of slaps fell upon my bare rear end and I yelped and moaned and screamed. I bucked my hips wilding and in moments collapsed on top of the girl. She laughed and playfully stroked my hair, while the Kings and Queens gently rubbed my ass. I was helped off the girl and each gave me a kiss on the cheek. They all left the room laughing and squealing, the small girl crawling beside Queen Persephone, my juices leaking from her naked body.

I smiled as Master came to my side. He raised his eyebrow to me, “My turn now?” and with a chuckle I said, “Yes Master”. He helped me to the throne and made me kneel in front of it, placing my upper body on the seat. He slowly slid his member into my anus and for the first time, there was no associations of disgust or humiliation involved. It actually felt good and intimate. He spoke to me in a soft voice as he penetrated me, “You’ve done so good my boy. You’ve done so good” and his thrusts became deeper and faster. As he exploded within me, he moaned  over and over “Good boy, good boy, good boy!” and I felt accomplished and proud as I was filled with his juice.

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The Brighton Tales: Chapter 5 – Bidding for a Slave Once More

I awoke to the sun shining brightly through Master’s window, his feet scuffling across the cold, stone floor. As he gathered items in a small weaved basket, he coughed and cleared his throat. I sat up in the bed, and Master smiled at me. “Good morning, Sunshine! Are you ready to start yet another day at the castle?”, I nodded, though I was unsure if I was really ready.

Master began, “If you thought yesterday was hard and humiliating and tested the limits of your body, today is going to be much worse for you. Rarely are we left to continue bidding for a second day, and even more rarely is the competition so stiff. You are up against fifteen other villagers today, all vying for the highest bid to please the King and Queen, so you must be greater than all the rest, as you were yesterday.”

“Yesterday, I was mostly in control of your movements. Today, the situation changes. While I will be at your side through the entire day, and we will spend moments alone, your duty today is to please the Kings and Queens and wealthy castle commoner of other nations, thereby pleasing your great King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone. You will follow the instructions of whomever is speaking to you, and not once will you question a thing. Remember, my boy…”, and I quickly responded, “Don’t look, don’t think.” Master rushed to me, kneeling at my feet. He wrapped his leather-skinned arms around me and said, “Yes, my boy, yes! You are going to do marvelously today.” He stood up, “I can’t wait to get started.”, a devious smile wrinkling through the lines in his face.

He helped me rise out of the bed, every bone in my body stiff, muscles aching. As I stood, my knees cracked and Master looked upon my grimacing face, sheer pain causing tears to form at the corners’ of my eyes. I smiled a crooked smile at Master, trying to feign strength, but he could see through me and knew of the great pain I was suffering. He kissed my cheek and whispered, “It will all be over soon. It will all be over soon.”, as his hands rubbed the hair on my head.

Master wrapped his arm around my waist, and offered his shoulder for support. We walked, very slowly, out the door and down the hall. I limped along side Master, taking in my surroundings, in awe of the immaculate castle I walked through. Pictures of Kings and Queens and royal families hung on the wall about me. The stones beneath my feet were cold but soft. We made our way down the hall, Master in his fine robe, supporting my naked and sore body, to a room with a series of tubs. A pool laid in it’s center, surrounded by fine statues made of a white stone I had never seen before. If they weren’t so large, I would be convinced that they were real.

Master ushered me to a large square tub, filled to the top with hot water and great white clouds of bubbles. I slowly, with the help of Master, lowered myself into the water, the heat and soap stinging at my raw bottom. It took quite awhile before I was able to lay back and find relief in the water. Master gently washed my body, starting at my toes and working his way up to the very tip of my head. He hummed a lullaby as he carefully cleaned between my toes, up my legs, my limp ashamed member, and beneath my arms. After I was cleaned thouroughly, Master helped me up out of the bath.

The warm water had calmed my aching muscles, but as I rose, searing pain ripped through the muscles of my legs and I wobbled as Master steadied me. Master once again wrapped his arm about my waist, and we limped to a second bath, this time filled with mud. As a boy, I had often played in large mud puddles created by heavy rainfall in my village. I moved with more determination towards the mud bath, and quickly as I could, dipped my toes in the warmth. Master chuckled at the curious expression on my face.

After Master had rubbed mud all over my body, the warmness of it coating my welts, he helped me to stand and dumped a bucket of water over my head. Then he took me to a bath filled with white milk. This bath was much cooler, and it seemed like I was in this bath the longest, just laying there. For a moment, I drifted off, and was no longer at the castle, but back at my village. I felt calm and relaxed and would’ve enjoyed staying that way for the rest of my life. Alas, that was no my fate.

One more bath of warm water came after the milk, and Master again was careful not to rub vigorously over my wounds. I asked what the pool was for, and Master began, “The chosen swim this pool to purify their souls. They must hold their breath under the water, and swim the pool’s length and not rise up for air once. After they are taken through the hall to the right, to see Sir Gregoire.”

“Normally, a villager who is being auctioned off, would never even meet the fine Gregoire. Lucky for you, the Queen has decided to make the best of today, and has asked that the fifteen commoners that remained were given a great treatment. Now, you will not be swimming the pool, because that is reserved for the chosen only. But, the Queen has asked that Sir Gregoire clothe you today, and I’m sure you will be pleased.”

I smiled as Master assisted me out of the warm bath. My muscles still ached, but I felt relaxed and the pain seemed to drift from my thoughts. Master wrapped me once more in a towel made of wool. We then traveled to Sir Gregoire’s chamber. In the middle of the room stood a large mirror. Master put me in front of the mirror and sat on a chair beside the door we had just come through. Sir Gregoire entered.

He waved his hands about, and walked slowly. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”, he muttered to himself as he shook his head. He helped place a soft shirt over my head, in a bright yellow color that looked much like ground up mustard seed. He tied the shirt at my waist with an intricately woven rope. Then I was given darker pants, that were cold against my raw behind. A tall pair of leather boots was slipped onto my foot, and as I stepped down, I relished in the softness beneath me. No more cold rough stone cutting at my soles.

He tied a ribbon around my head, much like the men at the chosen table the night before. He turned me once, and Master nodded and rose, he turned me back to the mirror and nodded, “So, any thoughts than boy?”, I shook my head in silence, quite pleased to not have the burlap sack scratching my skin. Master came to my side then, and again helped me wander back through the halls.

We made our way back to the room where the villagers had dined on berries of blue and purple, prior to the start of yesterday’s Brighton Auctions. The fifteen other commoners were seated at the large table, heads down as the fire flickered behind them. Master directed me to a seat and I carefully limped to it and took a seat.

The naked men from the night before, appeared into the room, carrying trays full of food. “Not again”, I mumbled to myself, thinking they were going to make us watch others eat heartily, while all we got were some colored berries, yet again. I was quite excited, when a plate of hot food was placed in front of me and Master whispered in my ear to eat speedily. Being half starved, I greedily scarfed down the meal of hot potatoes and duck. One by one, we each took a sip from a goblet of wine that was being passed about the room.

After I had cleared my plate, and so had the others, our Master’s and Mistress’ appeared at our side and helped us from the table. We were taken down a series of corridors and landed back at the stadium. The seats around me were empty, and the floor of the stadium now had sixteen beds spread out around it. Each one of us was directed to sit on the edges of the beds, and wait patiently for instruction.

King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone came through the door and took their seats, followed by the Kings and Queens and wealthy commoners that had yet to out bid on a villager. They lined up in front of the King and Queen, where the bowls had been lined last night. The King stood and said, “Rarely has this castle faced an additional day of bidding during the great Brighton Auctions. Today, the guidance and training leaves from the Master’s and Mistress’ finely crafted stick, to the nobles of other countries. Let the games begin!”
Kings and Queens and wealthy castle commoners whispered amongst each other. Master was standing behind me, and tension could be felt all around me. A short and stalky man appeared in the front of me, his beard hanging long past his chin. King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone appeared amongst the crowd, walking between the beds of villagers. The short King stood in front of me, a smile appearing beneath the hairs covering his lips and cascading down his chin.

He chuckled loudly, “I was quite impressed with your performance yesterday. I bid a fine amount for you yesterday, though apparently so did someone else. Please stand before me and keep your eyes to the ground.” I slowly lifted myself from the bed, and Master steadied me from behind. I looked down at the ground, as the King grabbed my shoulder and helped me to turn. I limped as I turned, and the King looked upon Master with concern, “This boy, is he hurt?”, Master quickly smiled and replied, “No, no great King. As I’m sure you saw yesterday, he exerted every muscle in his tired body. He was swiftly beaten with the fine wielding of my stick. Though he spent time in the baths, his knees hurt from training so hard before the Auctions, great King. He should be fine in a day or two, after a good sleep.”

The King nodded and continued to inspect my clothed body. King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone were beside my bed then, watching the King as he turned me about. They nodded in approval, and the Queen whispered something to the short King that stood before me. Then she whispered to my Master. Master undid the intricate rope tied round my waist, and whispered in my ear, “The King wishes to see your offerings. Take off the clothing you currently wear please, and stay standing with your eyes to the ground.”

I did as I was told, without question. Don’t think, don’t look played in my mind over and over. Other villagers around me were removing their garments as well, as Kings and Queens and wealthy castle commoners inspected their every flaw. As I removed my close, the look of excitement beamed across the Kings face. As I spun about once again for the short King, I caught of glimpse of Master, his face looking quite solemn now, the leather lines in his face hard.

The stalky King pushed me onto the bed, the motion causing my cuts to open and bleed once again. I did everything I could to hold back the tears rushing to my eyes, as pain pulsed through my behind. The King growled at me, “Lay on your stomach, you dirty rotten scoundrel! Show me the welts upon your reddened back side.” Don’t think, don’t look. I rolled over, and buried my head in the hard mattress beneath me. Sobs escaped my lips, as the King traced his sharp finger nails along the bottom of my rear end, where it met my upper thigh. He lightly hit the reddened area, warmth spreading out like the strings of a spider web. I held my breath, and choked back the returning tears.

Without warning or notification, the King was on the bed on top of me suddenly, as he lowered himself inside my anus. He was not gentle, and he took no time. With a great impatience, he fumbled about frantically trying to push through the tightness. Tears streamed from my eyes, and everything I did only seemed to make it worse. Don’t think, don’t look, played over and over again in my head as my body shook profusely beneath the short King. King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone watched on, as the King awkwardly began to pump in and out of me, dignity leaving my body.

Through my tears, I could see the other villagers were being treated in much the same way. One man struggled beneath the noble atop his back, and kicked his feet wildly. A woman moaned beneath the tongue of a skilled Queen, tears streaming down her cheeks and into her long blonde hair. King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone seemed quite pleased, and continued their walk through the beds of villagers with nobles at their backs.

My sobs grew louder, as the long bearded King pushed himself deeper. I felt as though my anus was ripping, and tried harder than I’ve ever tried to lay completely still. Don’t think, don’t look. Don’t think, don’t look. The King thrusted his member hard into my anus and sat it deep within me, as his manhood pulsed and warmth could be felt filling me. I cried out as he pulled away from me in one swift motion. He stood and straightened himself out and walked away without a word.

A beautiful woman appeared beside my bed. I was still face down and her sweet voice chimed, “Oh, you poor thing. You have been badly hurt. Let me kiss you better.”, and she bent down and kissed my reddened welted back side. I flinched and she laughed, “Poor boy. Quiet now, it’ll all be over soon.” She asked me to roll over, as my rear burnt with my every move, and took my limp member between her lips. The thought of getting hard was the furthest thing from my mind at that point, but her lips felt magnificent and her breath warmed every inch of my being. Slowly, my manhood stood at attention, and she removed her lips from me.

She bent over and kissed my lips, taking my tongue into her mouth and playfully batting her tongue against mine. She maneuvered herself on top of me, and slowly lowered herself down upon my swollen member. I had never been inside a woman, and I was unsure of what to expect. She wriggled her hips back and forth, until my member was as deep as it could go. She sat there for a moment, clenching the muscles of her pussy at the base of my manhood, as my hips began to gently rock. She slapped me hard across the face, and I tried my best to gain control of my movements.

Master smiled beside me, pleased with my performance for the Queen. As she began to ride upon me, flicking her hair to and fro, moans escaped from her plump red lips. She grabbed my hands and placed them upon her breasts, and again I rocked beneath her. Though this time, she seemed not to notice, and moaned louder and harder. She directed my hands down to her hips, which were wide and smooth. As I grabbed her hard, I lifted my knees, and pounded my swollen member in and out of her as fast as I could.

She laughed and began slapping my nipples gently, and we fell into an addictive rhythm. All around us, Kings and Queens and wealthy commoners and simple villagers, watched in awe of the spectacle taking place before him. Her moans became more frequent, and I thrust as hard and fast as I could in and out of her. All my muscles felt tight, and sweat poured from my forehead and matted my hair. The Queens face was red, and her breathing was heavy.

Her back arched hard, and as her pussy rapidly convulsed around my hard manhood, she collapsed on my chest. I continued thrusting hard into her, as my balls contracted and I erupted within her. She laid on me for more minutes, as the room went back to normal. I laid back on the bed, trying my best to catch my breath, as Master attempted to un-mat my hair. The Queen lifted and kissed my mouth hard and whispered in my ear, “You’ve been a very good boy, very good.” I smiled with a pleasure much greater than myself, for pleasing this Queen meant that I had pleased the great King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone, and especially Master, as he smiled down upon me.

As the Queen rose off of me, my entire body began to shake, as if I was extremely cold, though sweat still poured from my face. My body felt much lighter now, and the pain of the last day and a half left my mind. I closed my eyes, and relived the fascinating moment over and over in my mind. I had just had sex with a woman for the first time, and it felt glorious. I couldn’t wait to do that again!

It had been hours since the start of this rare part of the auction, and villagers around me where exhausted and limp in their beds. The Kings and Queens and wealthy commoners that were left, had expended the usefulness of their genitals. King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone had made their way back to their seats now, and many of the other nobles began taking theirs. Once everyone was seated, the naked men filed through the stadium door once again. Trays were carried in their hands, and nobles put their bids on folded paper and placed them on the trays. The naked men carried the trays to the King and Queen, and the stadium quieted as all eagerly awaited their coming fates.

I sat to look upon the King and Queen as my fate was decided. Villagers with the lowest bids were sent away with their new Master’s and Mistress’ immediately. Whisked away into the night, to their new homes in castles across the world. I sat silently in my bed, Master Gabriel at my side, waiting for the King and Queen to call his name. One villager, a small girl, was left in her bed a few cots down from me. She trembled as her Mistress’ name was called.

Her Mistress helped her to rise, and they walked towards the King and Queen. The girl sobbed uncontrollably, and the King demanded silence. When the girl would not stop, her Mistress bent her over at the waist, her arms nearly touching the ground, and beat her roughly with the stick. “Will you respect your King and be silent, child? Must you always be so rotten?”. The stick cut her bare skin, and blood trickled down her leg for all the nobles of other countries to see. As her sobs turned to gentle whispers, the Mistress patted her head and told her to kneel. The girl collapsed to the floor on her hands and knees, tears streaming from her face.

The King declared, “Young woman, you have displeased your great King and Queen, and you have been punished rightly for doing so. Now, it is time for you to leave the castle, and suffer the wraths of your new owner. Tonight, you will leave with the revered castle commoner, Sterling Montgomery. Mister Montgomery, who you will now lovingly call Master, has agreed to take you for a rather large sum. And for this, my girl, you will be truly grateful. Now, please rise and bare your face to the other nobles. Bow to them in respect, and then face your King and Queen and bow.”

She did so, tears still streaming down her face. The crowd laughed hysterically, and pointed fingers at the blood dripping down her legs. Mister Montgomery came down from the risen seats, grabbed the girl by her waist and tossed her over his shoulder with ease and walked out the door I had come through. The girl cried into his back, fighting the urge to run from the old man that carried her.

Only the Queen that had taken my virginity, along with her King and another man, sat in the risen seats behind me. The King began, “Master Gabriel, your villager has shown astounding promise with his performance at the great Brighton Auctions yesterday and today. He was the only villager that didn’t trip upon this stadium floor during yesterday’s run, and he withstood the wielding of your stick with ease. He won the stone collection, and pleased both a Queen and King today. You have proven yourself yet again Sir, as quite a fine Master. Thank you for your undying service to your King and Queen.” Master swept his arm gracefully through the air, as he stepped one foot back and took a deep bow. I smiled at his achievement with me.

“Please rise”, the King said. Master Gabriel helped me out of the bed, pain tearing through every limb of my body. We walked, side by side, to face the King and Queen. The Queen stood and said in a regal voice, “The magnificent Queen Meliphisant, has bid a very wealthy amount to our castle, to be able to claim you as her own. The King and I have great belief that you will be a very obedient slave, and we question whether our son and daughter have made the right choice by wanting you to leave this castle.” Queen Meliphisant rose from behind me, and began to protest. Queen Persephone raised her hand, and the other Queen sat, going silent immediately.

Queen Persephone continued, “Rarely, as Master Gabriel has probably told you, do the Brighton Auctions continue for a second day, and rarely do villagers experience what you have experienced here today. The rules for a second day at the Brighton Auctions are slightly blurred.” I nodded my head, though I was unsure of what she was trying to say. She talked to the entire room then, seeking approval from Queen Meliphisant and King Ohgrain, “I would like to propose that you live at this castle, for a minimum of two more Brighton Ceremonies. You will be in complete service to me. Queen Meliphisant will come frequently for visits to our great castle, so that she may experience the great service that you can be to her. After two years time, you will be released to Queen Meliphisant, already having been trained by the best trainers in the world!”

Master’s eyes lit up, and the great King Ohgrain cheered in approval. Queen Meliphisant smiled a devious smile. She rose from her seat and loudly proclaimed, “I would like this very much, Queen Persephone. May I discuss particular training methods with his Master prior to my leaving?” The Queen replied, “As long as you pay, great Queen”.

Everyone stood now, and the King bellowed, “You are dismissed!”. Master grabbed me by the arm, and led me back through the door we had entered. We walked silently back to his room. He instructed me to lay on my stomach on his small bed, handed me a small sack of red berries, and rubbed cooling oils over my bruising, welted skin. He sang a lullaby, as he rubbed my sore body, his voice deep and rugged. I smiled and wondered how the next days at the castle would be.

After the lullaby was done, and the oils had been rubbed, Master helped me roll to my back and covered my naked body with a blanket. He sat on the bed beside me and pushed the hair out of my face. He laid his hand upon my cheek, “You did a marvelous job today, my boy. You have obviously made King Ohgrain and Queen Persephone quite proud. Tomorrow, you officially begin your duties as a slave to this castle. Queen Meliphisant must have offered a mighty sum, and I am sure you will be worth every penny. Tonight, we sleep side by side one last time. Tomorrow, training for your Queens, who now own you, begins. I know you are full of questions, but the day is late and my mind exhausted. We will discuss things in length tomorrow. So close your eyes now.”

I closed my eyes, though thoughts raced through my head and I was sure I could not sleep. Master scuffled about the room, tidying here and there, though there wasn’t much to tidy. He seemed to be trying to busy himself. Surely, I would ask him about this tomorrow. Exhaustion consumed me as my eyes fought closed. I drifted to sleep, the cracking of the fire surrounding me, the oils cooling me.

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